Autumn Leaf

Autumn Leaf
Submitted March 1, 2011 by kixator
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1. Download my wallpaper :)

2. Download Rainmeter

3. Download theme for Rainmeter from:
(This theme includes: facebook, weather, computer etc.)

4. And reflective clock find here on Rocketdock
(In search type "Reflective Clock" and download from some post.


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Babin's AvatarBabin (October 31, 2012):

you not tell the full name of weather..... plzzz plzz tell that...

kixator's Avatarkixator (December 26, 2011):

Shadow on clock comes with clock. When you download it, he comes like that.

WMP 11...I found on the Internet some skin for this. The name for this skin is "Blackbar" Try to find it on net.

DamianHoward's AvatarDamianHoward (November 17, 2011):

@kixator how did you get your Windows Media Player to be like that at the top of your desktop, also with the song name and artist just to the side of the player? Are you using the current version of Windows Media Player available as of today?


Danny62077's AvatarDanny62077 (November 6, 2011):

How do you get shadow on clock , i mean like its reflecting it self.

kixator's Avatarkixator (September 6, 2011):

In theme Rainmeter, you have options for that.

"text items"

CPK24's AvatarCPK24 (August 19, 2011):

How do you put your "computer, documents, pictures, etc" in font like that on your desktop?

Nec91's AvatarNec91 (July 10, 2011):

How do you make it 24h ?

K Le Blanc's AvatarK Le Blanc (May 7, 2011):

Nice view! i really like your wallpaper!5 stars!

kixator's Avatarkixator (April 29, 2011):

Vjerovatno pokvaren link. Evo postavio sam novi. Kada uđes sa desne strane download (34MB) i hvala.

nnesa's Avatarnnesa (April 27, 2011):

e brate na ovom site-u nema nista.... kaze problem loading page.. a bas mi se svidja ovo za kakvo je vreme napolju:) i ovaj sat na nasem jeziku..

kixator's Avatarkixator (April 17, 2011):

3. Download theme for Rainmeter from:
(This theme includes: facebook, weather, computer etc.)
In this theme you have fb icon

thsg119's Avatarthsg119 (April 16, 2011):

Is it possible to tell me MR kixator where you got the facebook icon plz?

Shadowness001's AvatarShadowness001 (April 15, 2011):

Great,Thanks :)

kixator's Avatarkixator (March 16, 2011):

This isn't a stop, it's a man on a bicycle.
Just the effect of blur :D But thanks for caring.

Substantilicious's AvatarSubstantilicious (March 15, 2011):

hey there is like a blue spot in the picture, i went ahead and fixed it for you :) heres the link