A New Dawn[HD]

A New Dawn[HD]
Submitted October 6, 2009 by Francr2008
Created by Burning-Liquid
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58 votes
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First off I wanna say this is not my work..Original Author is Burning-Liquid...I just want to sahre it cause is an awesome piece...


THANKS for the voting,and thanks for the comments I appreciate your opinion.

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Thanks for the Support and for more than 700000+ Downloads ;)


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alie29's Avataralie29 (March 31, 2014):

^_^ cool,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

bigmikeatky's Avatarbigmikeatky (October 31, 2013):

Really Great Thank You 5*

Marcus Suridius's AvatarMarcus Suridius (June 14, 2013):

Just found Rocket Dock and saw this, pure excellence Burning-Liquid :D

/<ekop>'s Avatar/<ekop> (March 31, 2013):

Absolutely 5 STARS !

Utkarsh12733's AvatarUtkarsh12733 (June 22, 2012):

Deserves a 5 star!!!!

ricofernando22's Avatarricofernando22 (June 15, 2012):

why i can download this?

Francr2008's AvatarFrancr2008 (December 9, 2011):

@Nena:I can do planets Icon...but I dont have too much time at the moment ;) ...Ill try to make some soon...

Guys just wanted to remember u that this is not my work...read Description for more info... :D

Reynald's AvatarReynald (October 17, 2011):

Hi, you'r work is absolutly beautiful!
I'm right with Nena & Sholomo, you got a lot of talent, that could be being you'r job a day, nobody can know but sometimes...!

Thank you for this beautiful Dawn!

Sorry if i made some mistake, I'm French and I don't speak English as well I would!

Shlomo's AvatarShlomo (April 21, 2011):

You got talent, youngster. Keep up the excellent job.

Shadowness001's AvatarShadowness001 (April 16, 2011):

Good job, thx :)

Spimunk's AvatarSpimunk (April 2, 2011):

Cracking effort, great work! Thanks!

Leeilaa's AvatarLeeilaa (January 18, 2011):

great work ul :D

Pineapple's AvatarPineapple (December 9, 2010):

Quite nice,god job!

jackryantr's Avatarjackryantr (September 17, 2010):

very beautiful, nicely done!

ShoxM1000's AvatarShoxM1000 (August 20, 2010):

nice! love it