TRY! TRY! TRY!...At last..??

TRY! TRY! TRY!...At last..??
Submitted September 28, 2007 by pradeesh
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This Wallpaper simply describes how to achieve in life just simply making a try... with confidence and a good motivation... This could be sure in your desktop to have a look everyday...
Created by Pradeesh!!!
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complax's Avatarcomplax (October 20, 2013):

thanks a lot,

Bughead's AvatarBughead (August 27, 2012):

Hee so fishy-love THX

to56u's Avatarto56u (July 24, 2012):

how do i use skins?

szq922990's Avatarszq922990 (September 5, 2011):

It is very good!

mahesh62344's Avatarmahesh62344 (November 16, 2010):

very nice message

guntamone's Avatarguntamone (November 10, 2010):

yes is very nice work

Theme Carpenter's AvatarTheme Carpenter (July 23, 2010):

Very nice work. Do you like wallpaper downloaders? "Luminescent Afterglow Scheme" comes with plenty of walls with a glow-in-the-dark look... not to mention in stunning HD. Complete with 8 skins for personalization, this is the desktop to choose...

silverblue's Avatarsilverblue (December 28, 2009):

Another good wall

511100's Avatar511100 (October 30, 2009):

So? Its still awesome man. They're fish!

upsidedowner's Avatarupsidedowner (October 20, 2009):

kinda small

Darkmax's AvatarDarkmax (July 1, 2009):

are these fish yours???

Darkmax's AvatarDarkmax (July 1, 2009):

nice 5/5 and...

ezilram's Avatarezilram (June 26, 2009):

liking a lot thanks!!:)

revolootion's Avatarrevolootion (April 15, 2009):

Because he took it from google and reposted it here.

marcusmansur's Avatarmarcusmansur (April 14, 2009):

Nice picture (very familiar), but not in a good format/dimension for a wallpaper.