Dark Leopard

Dark Leopard
Submitted September 28, 2008 by AnthoNYC
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A nice dark colored Mac OS X Leopard skin for your RocketDock.
Installation notes in Read Me
Hope you enjoy and please comment

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backpaeck's Avatarbackpaeck (October 23, 2012):

many thanks

Font31's AvatarFont31 (December 19, 2010):

Thank you so much.

hariwiyoko's Avatarhariwiyoko (November 25, 2010):

work it's win 7......

ggrace's Avatarggrace (September 24, 2010):

thanks for share

Mintou's AvatarMintou (August 3, 2010):

thanks its nice skin ...

jonboy1131's Avatarjonboy1131 (July 31, 2010):

It's not showing the light indicator, just the up arrow. Can you help me?

archie050570's Avatararchie050570 (July 7, 2009):

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thank you so much!

PnoC1's AvatarPnoC1 (March 30, 2009):

I Like this one because te other one when I open a web page it became like white and I want it stay black it in the desktop...

Nice job thanx X D

Wizcrazyz's AvatarWizcrazyz (January 17, 2009):

awesome skin man!!!!!!!!!!!!

Egypt's AvatarEgypt (November 18, 2008):

Anthony - i downloaded ur other skin (the clear one... even though it doesn't have those white separators that look like street ones lol) and on here i downloaded that other person's leopard icons pack... could u please remind me how to make them work? I totally forgot

jkwoon's Avatarjkwoon (October 17, 2008):

Love it. To make it transparent, open the RocketDock settings window, select Style and adjust the opacity slider under the skin selection menu

Hope this makes some people enjoy this skin more. :)

AnthoNYC's AvatarAnthoNYC (October 4, 2008):

You welcome, and yes, that's why it's called the ReadMe
You should probably read it lol

Mac Man's AvatarMac Man (October 3, 2008):

never mind i saw that you said it was in readme
thanks very much to punksoftwere and u for this

Mac Man's AvatarMac Man (October 3, 2008):

i would think it rocks if i could get it to work!
hello? Hellooooooooooooooooooooo? please help me

Mac Man's AvatarMac Man (October 3, 2008):

i cant get it to work, how do i make it save as my theme?