Cool Glass Windows 7 Skin

Cool Glass Windows 7 Skin
Submitted June 23, 2011 by BiG_ST[a]N
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In arcive a HD Wallpaper 1920x1200 like on the screen.
1. Glass Cursor (You cant see it on the screen)
2. Glass windows 7 theme, look here:
3. Cool glass Icons for rocketdock (I set rocketdock transparency
to o% & Icons to 60%)
4. Glass Gadgets for Win7


Download File! - More by BiG_ST[a]N
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SubXer0's AvatarSubXer0 (August 11, 2011):

Well I downloaded the skin and am currently using it but I would like to know what gadgets you have on your desktop in the picture. They look really cool and would complete the look. Thx and if you can message me the URL.

stort's Avatarstort (July 25, 2011):

Trying to look on 4. Glass gadgets for Win7, but all i get is following message: Sorry! You do not have access to view this page. Please make sure you are signed in.

And i am signed in.

josegpe's Avatarjosegpe (July 1, 2011):

Wow nice job =D