Complet Skin Nabs

Complet Skin Nabs
Submitted December 14, 2010 by nabs84140
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this skin contain:
-The dock
-The wallpaper
-The reflective clock for rainmeter.

==>OTHER ADdons<==
NABS clock (for rainmeter):

The Na'Ball Icon:

Volume Circle:

Mac Style:

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Nabil (nabs) FRANCAIS (FRENCH)
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==>!alert if you do not vote it is possible that its not working!<==

^^just kidding =)

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chuxuan's Avatarchuxuan (April 14):


33lc's Avatar33lc (April 13):

good!!!!! 怎么用》?

alfannawaziru23's Avataralfannawaziru23 (March 28):


nikolabaf's Avatarnikolabaf (February 27):

i to mi się podoba

wera33's Avatarwera33 (January 24):

it is ok, super

u3ig's Avataru3ig (December 28, 2016):

bad ffffffffffffffff

maxi604's Avatarmaxi604 (November 14, 2016):

hi its cool

ExoticBeast's AvatarExoticBeast (November 13, 2016):


PolyVector's AvatarPolyVector (November 4, 2016):

Don't use a download accelerator, the flood protection will give you an error page that you're downloading.

chezzy03's Avatarchezzy03 (November 3, 2016):

hey i have a prob. i cant download the file in zip, its always become html. how come?

caesarxu123's Avatarcaesarxu123 (October 8, 2016):

that is perfect!

fella's Avatarfella (October 2, 2016):

perfeeeeeeect :)

khan12345's Avatarkhan12345 (July 19, 2016):


sherlockswift's Avatarsherlockswift (July 6, 2016):

nice skin........i like that...........its worked for me.

sherlockswift's Avatarsherlockswift (July 6, 2016):

good boy bhfdsf

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