Mac OSX Carbon

Mac OSX Carbon
Submitted August 16, 2010 by 7minutes in heaven
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Mac OSX Carbon
Include in the pack:
- Carbon Dock
- Read-Me Files
- Installation Guide

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7minutes in heaven

Used to be active 3 years ago. Trying to do some of these again.

Find me on another sites:
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- Twitter : @aerowave_kevin
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Definitely will do design works.

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s0ren's Avatars0ren (May 23):

Thanks Very Good

Furious08's AvatarFurious08 (March 22, 2016):

Thank you! :)

pasha88's Avatarpasha88 (October 1, 2015):

thank u good job

RayDigital's AvatarRayDigital (May 19, 2013):

7minutes in heaven..!!!
Excellent work ....! A query: where you can get the icons that are in the image of you that are here on your "Mac OSX Carbon"..? I hope your answer .. Thank you ...! Ray

dikkaquorra's Avatardikkaquorra (April 5, 2013):

thank you for skin

ahmedbeko's Avatarahmedbeko (January 13, 2013):

excellent work ,keep up

gemariot's Avatargemariot (July 3, 2012):

Looks nicely simple!
Thanks for your time

1dex's Avatar1dex (May 6, 2012):

Very Nice Skin ! Thanks a lot dude :)

nutthiya's Avatarnutthiya (November 20, 2011):

thank for share

Alphapple's AvatarAlphapple (November 18, 2011):

It is what the icons of docks?

applemad's Avatarapplemad (October 26, 2011):

thank you very much

avhdesigns's Avataravhdesigns (October 12, 2011):

i like this one :)

Silver Apple's AvatarSilver Apple (August 31, 2011):

i want the icons!

Mx22's AvatarMx22 (August 6, 2011):

simple and nice .... thank you

arm13's Avatararm13 (August 6, 2011):