Metallica Blade

Metallica Blade
Submitted February 21, 2010 by surajhawk
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OK! I m not a big fan of Metallica but i know that half the world is!
So here is my third attempt to make a skin based on Metallica.


Metallica Rainmeter:

There are two folders depending where you wanna place your Dock. So use the one you want and delete the other one.

Wallpaper included.

Do write me or comment if you want any changes or have any request! Gonna upload some more similar Metallica skins soon.

Hey People! Check Out the Linkin Park docks i made:
vote and comment on these too!! please!!

Pls VOTE and COMMENT!!! :)

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I am just regular Guy who has nothing to do but sit in front of this Screen.
I like to customize things. Maybe thats the reason Why i am here.
I like to keep my designs simple, Bold and Clean.

I love it when people vote, comment, rude comment, criticize, advise or request me.

So more Votes+Comments= More awesome uploads.

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ChokeSermon's AvatarChokeSermon (July 30, 2011):

love this skin any chance you could do a few more band ones if i gave a list of bands? maybe choose 1 or 2?

diosakinKR19's AvatardiosakinKR19 (July 18, 2011):

gracias amigo

paras1's Avatarparas1 (March 17, 2011):

epic dude just epic

Herdman2402's AvatarHerdman2402 (June 24, 2010):

epic dude just epic

kidrock's Avatarkidrock (June 9, 2010):

muy bueno¡¡ espero q subas¡¡ mas en especial de los albunes¡'''¡¡¡

manuelZW's AvatarmanuelZW (May 18, 2010):

hey dude.. i downloaded the file, but how do i install it or run it?


israel7's Avatarisrael7 (May 6, 2010):

very good man congratulations

surajhawk's Avatarsurajhawk (March 2, 2010):

The clock is due to something called Rainmeter!
To get it first download this:
Then this:

And then follow the instructions in the .zip file.

Please also read the description on the above mentioned page for a better understanding of RAINMETER!
If you liked My metallica skin and rainmeter, you will also like the 'metallica blade rainmeter' is made.
You can get it from here:

If you got any problems or doubts then feel free to message me or comment!! Dont forget to VOTE!! :-)

YahavXD's AvatarYahavXD (March 2, 2010):

Dude can you give me pls a link to the download page of this clock [03:51] ty

danuko's Avatardanuko (February 28, 2010):

Nice i have download it =D

sidhiq's Avatarsidhiq (February 26, 2010):

very exellent

lightzen11's Avatarlightzen11 (February 24, 2010):

Hey bro, what add-ons this you used for the digital clock at the center?

chezz69's Avatarchezz69 (February 24, 2010):

hey mate, downloaded you pack and it looks sick. i see you included a screen shot of your desktop. jus wondering if you could possibly tell me what the other apps you have running on your screen are e.g the 'shutdown' and clock etc cheers

mahdi_5055's Avatarmahdi_5055 (February 23, 2010):

amazing thanks

mitros's Avatarmitros (February 23, 2010):

i like it,nice work :)