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Wall download here:

How To Install :
Extract the .zip file into C:\Program Files\RocketDock\Skins. In the
RocketDock settings, choose the new skin from the list under "Styles".

Icons download here --

Cursor Softwear ----

Download here:

Download cursor here:

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kondzio's Avatarkondzio (February 1, 2017):

very good, dzięki

夏天的风's Avatar夏天的风 (July 27, 2016):

very good --- thank you

Schipper's AvatarSchipper (May 26, 2015):

very nice skin.

Aser Fares's AvatarAser Fares (March 26, 2015):

very good --- thank you

oasis.jony's Avataroasis.jony (December 16, 2014):

thanks a lot man....

humandot's Avatarhumandot (November 28, 2014):

nice nice nice!

soul cool's Avatarsoul cool (October 27, 2014):

why i can not dowload the complete file?

poweredbyostx's Avatarpoweredbyostx (December 18, 2013):

I know that this is very popular skin.Because it's amazing.
***** from me.

fayare's Avatarfayare (December 15, 2013):

Many thanks

qgwx89m3's Avatarqgwx89m3 (September 30, 2013):

it is very beautifull

54576584qq's Avatar54576584qq (September 23, 2013):

Thk for this

abdullah samir's Avatarabdullah samir (July 4, 2013):

i can`t download what is problem ? pleas help me ?

reyeterno's Avatarreyeterno (March 23, 2013):

how can i download this tame in this page please help me!

Alexinsid's AvatarAlexinsid (December 19, 2012):

os downoas não estão funcionando ..nem um quer ,,

julsboy's Avatarjulsboy (November 30, 2012):

tnx for this

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