Mac OS X Dock theme

Mac OS X Dock theme
Submitted November 15, 2009 by Jackhart
Based on work by RKLauncher iVista created this, I just modified it and put it on RocketDock
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To add the theme,
1. Open the zipped folder you just downloaded
2. Open up my computer
3. go to C:\program files\RocketDock\skins
4. In your OS X Mac zipped folder, there should be a normal folder. Drag it in to your skins folder.
5. Open the Dock settings, go on style and select OS X Mac in the drop down menu.
Then you should be done
Download File! - More by Jackhart
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perryinjax's Avatarperryinjax (September 27, 2011):

Thanks man.. I have successfully got this working thanks to your easy to follow instructions..
P in FL

Ztaqui's AvatarZtaqui (December 2, 2010):

Wow!It's really surprise me.

Jackhart's AvatarJackhart (November 16, 2009):

Comment and rate please :-)