Grim Reaper Skin

Grim Reaper Skin
Submitted October 31, 2009 by theMLS
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Other cool skin for those who like skulls.

vote if you like. theMLS
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Hollowfied's AvatarHollowfied (November 23, 2009):

Also I'm not using my Taskbar is there a way to find my folders I minimize with Rocketdock?

Hollowfied's AvatarHollowfied (November 22, 2009):

I'm having the same problem as popcorn. Thanks awesome skin though

theMLS's AvatartheMLS (November 11, 2009):

dusr's Avatardusr (November 11, 2009):

can you give the link for icons ?

popcorn4123's Avatarpopcorn4123 (November 7, 2009):

Ok so I had it on the top of my screen and now it is on the bottom and works fine, but could you test it on the top because it appears to flip over when on top for me, can you fix this some way?

theMLS's AvatartheMLS (November 2, 2009):

Make sure settings are correct.Ive tested 5 times with 15 icons and than with 2 icons it was ok.

Ruin3d's AvatarRuin3d (November 1, 2009):

The problem is that theres not enough icons on the dock, also it is only usable on the bottom:S

vannmann's Avatarvannmann (November 1, 2009):

looks GREAT on my end. ive had no issues!

popcorn4123's Avatarpopcorn4123 (November 1, 2009):

I get the same problem as Ruin3d but it's also upside down?

vannmann's Avatarvannmann (November 1, 2009):

badass, nice job

theMLS's AvatartheMLS (October 31, 2009):

:S how can that happen.I`ve tested 5 times before i posted.Is it in correct position?

Ruin3d's AvatarRuin3d (October 31, 2009):

Its not working, i only get half of it??