Glass Cursors For Windows 7

Glass Cursors For Windows 7
Submitted June 23, 2011 by BiG_ST[a]N
Created by sollembum78
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Full collection of cursors for Windows 7!!!
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lp14's Avatarlp14 (November 28, 2014):

Awesome and coll

AustinGFX's AvatarAustinGFX (July 18, 2014):

Great Pack thank you! :)

lvkai210's Avatarlvkai210 (May 12, 2014):

Very very beautiful, thank you, i registered for you...And thank you "thecoolyash" too, you let me know how to use the cursors...

I BE FRIEND's AvatarI BE FRIEND (January 16, 2014):

This is probably my favorite set of cursors available on here, thank you!

Vilingili's AvatarVilingili (October 3, 2013):

hey, mate. even though u said 'Glass Cursors For Windows 7' it really workssssss on windows 8 as well. i'm having a Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13 with me and it is installed 've deswith windows 8 and the thing is the cursor pack that u've designed is the best. once again thanks for the cursor pack

Aymen.Guenez's AvatarAymen.Guenez (August 14, 2013):

Thank you so mach

rakesh945's Avatarrakesh945 (July 11, 2013):

Thank you for amazing cursor

bigmikeatky's Avatarbigmikeatky (May 6, 2013):

Very Nice Great Job works great! 5*

AfroMaffy's AvatarAfroMaffy (March 6, 2013):

used it for Windows 7 and now for window 8 still loving it

thecoolyash's Avatarthecoolyash (February 20, 2013):

1. Extract the RAR and copy that folder to
2. Now right click on the dekstop, go to "Personalise",
click on "Change Mouse Pointers" and then in the Pointers tab, CHANGE THOSE AERO POINTERS TO THESE GLASS ONES.
For Ex. : Where it is 'Normal Select' in Aero style, Browse and locate the same file in Glass style!
That's all Folks!
Welcome :)

Faiz1991's AvatarFaiz1991 (December 13, 2012):

how to install it??

nc6784's Avatarnc6784 (November 19, 2012):

Amazing design, thank you!

huzamul's Avatarhuzamul (September 14, 2012):

Dude!I'am a theme designer . i planned to design a windows 7 theme and xp theme . can i use your cursors on my theme . i sure i will include your name in credits(notepad file) and on deviantart . actually your cursors are very nice . i love them ... nice imagination and nice creativity from you ... thank you .

randall84's Avatarrandall84 (September 9, 2012):

thanks a lot.

mumu10's Avatarmumu10 (August 31, 2012):

Can't download it.. wew..