Something in my mind..

Something in my mind..
Submitted February 1, 2011 by Christian_A7X
Based on work by sasomkd
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Gadgets and wallpaper here:

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Franklinthewalkingdead's AvatarFranklinthewalkingdead (September 5, 2015):

As the icons on the left are used? T_T HELP!

AresCIELO's AvatarAresCIELO (February 18, 2013):

mithu88's Avatarmithu88 (February 18, 2013):

thanx dude its nice

sghaier2013's Avatarsghaier2013 (January 16, 2013):

i hope that will b nice

zwickaus's Avatarzwickaus (November 12, 2012):

muy bueno, great!!

InvisibleXx's AvatarInvisibleXx (October 29, 2012):

How to make the Icons on the left side? (size, layout, text next to the icon)

julianO0o's AvatarjulianO0o (January 22, 2012):

@Doditytom: thanks!
are quite similar, but not these, because the image is white and is the name of the folder

pong15021's Avatarpong15021 (January 15, 2012):


mOazZam mUnir's AvatarmOazZam mUnir (November 28, 2011):

nice work man,,

Doditytom's AvatarDoditytom (August 15, 2011):

@YannBE : I finally found...

Icons "Docs", "Images", "Music" & "Videos" from the icon suite "Web0.2ama"

Doditytom's AvatarDoditytom (July 29, 2011):

The (original) wallpaper :

@YannBE : I search...

YannBE's AvatarYannBE (July 29, 2011):

Realy nice ;)
How did you construct doc, img, music, video,...?

Doditytom's AvatarDoditytom (July 25, 2011):

The Rainmeter tray icon : "Win7-Style Tray for Rainmeter"

Doditytom's AvatarDoditytom (July 25, 2011):

The clock : From "magazinelikeTime" skin for Rainmeter

The mediaplayer : From "Enigma" suite skin

The Windows start orb : From "Token Start Orb with animation"

Enjoy ;-)

sycamore005's Avatarsycamore005 (June 28, 2011):

What is the name of the RAINMETER SKIN?