Animated Shining Cursors

Animated Shining Cursors
Submitted January 24, 2011 by Arcanev
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Fully animated and complete cursors.
2nd version =D

New version, complete this time, with no missing cursors.

Feel free to use and distribute them. These have been made with Blender 2.57 and AniTuner.

For those who could not manage to install and use these, I included a pdf file with explanations ( :-/ ) if you can't read it, download the latest version of adobe reader.

Please rate and comment =D
Download File! - More by Arcanev
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guessoppa's Avatarguessoppa (September 20, 2017):

This is so amazing and solid, thanks for the effort to lighting our windows.

monolizer's Avatarmonolizer (August 22, 2017):

Thank you so much

lihiu's Avatarlihiu (August 22, 2017):

Can not be installed

lihiu's Avatarlihiu (August 22, 2017):

Nice choice

trtitotr's Avatartrtitotr (November 21, 2016):

How to download it

Trizmegistus's AvatarTrizmegistus (July 11, 2016):

Very cool, looks awesome with my black and slightly blue background. Thank you

2016sai's Avatar2016sai (June 18, 2016):


acbaypatrick's Avataracbaypatrick (July 26, 2015):


Rayaya's AvatarRayaya (July 9, 2015):


ramothgold's Avatarramothgold (April 11, 2015):

Thanks for the work. Love having options with my cursors. Keep up the great work.

kuuki73's Avatarkuuki73 (February 26, 2015):

Very Nice!!

JMGAMEPLAYS's AvatarJMGAMEPLAYS (February 7, 2015):

hola esto algo bueno pero me asegurare de que allas dejado credtos
para los que lo hicieron

dcoter's Avatardcoter (January 20, 2015):

very nice. I want it now :)

bigmikeatky's Avatarbigmikeatky (January 3, 2015):

I've been using this cursor set for awhile now probably over a year or longer.I just now got around to voting and commenting!

Thank You Arcanev this is awesome work.. I love it. 5* from me!!

Kurokaze's AvatarKurokaze (October 12, 2014):

I can't download i, help pls!