Hide task bar and start button

Hide task bar and start button
Submitted August 8, 2008 by magician13134
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Hide taskbar AND start button (Vista too)
(version 2.4!)

Every program I've tried to hide these left the start button in Vista, so I wrote a small program myself to do it.

-Begin by auto-hiding your taskbar (right click, properties, auto hide), this frees up the maximum space on your desktop when the bar is hidden
-Run it, if you are running a dock program (like Rocket Dock), then allocate 45 pixels or so for it
-Click Ok
-To re-show the taskbar, or close the program, simply hit Ctrl+Alt+Esc to bring the options back
-You can also re-adjust the allocated dock space in that menu

Known bugs
-Some anti-virus programs have blacklisted everything written in Autoit, I've included the source, you can compile it yourself with a compiler from www.autoitscript.com
-Sometimes the taskbar likes to come back (like if you invoke the start menu), just wait <2.5 seconds, and my program will hide it again
-Can't hide the start menu... I mean... I guess I could try if there's enough demand...

Download File! - More by magician13134
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SP'LEGAL's AvatarSP'LEGAL (6 days ago):

Registered just to say 'thank you' for this super piece of work. it's working wonderfully fine. more grace to you.

ElGuato84VE's AvatarElGuato84VE (February 18):

This is the real and only one answer to hide taskbar without killing explorer or reeplace the shell. I just registered to say you its working like a charm (Windows 10 Insider)

14M4N0NYM0U5's Avatar14M4N0NYM0U5 (March 21, 2017):

Works flawless in Windows 10 in combination with RocketDock. Loving it so far.

The problem with the start menu popping up when Windows key is pressed could be solved if you can map the Windows key to just refresh the dekstop or something sneaky :P

drakecb's Avatardrakecb (October 2, 2016):

So, I've been tinkering with your code in an attempt to make it show the Taskbar ONLY when the Start Menu is activated. The problem is that opening the Start Menu seems to pause the script entirely. Could you help me out?

SirAndrew's AvatarSirAndrew (May 18, 2015):

How do I turn it off? When I follow the instructions it just flickers. Help

als1956's Avatarals1956 (June 7, 2014):

Registered just to say thanks for this brilliant utility. I tried for 2 days with other similar offerings but this was the only one that works without issues. I can hide the taskbar automatically at start up and use all the screen for running applications. Unlike the others that I tried, the taskbar remains hidden. If for some reason I want to see the taskbar all I have to do is press Ctrl+Alt+Esc and bingo. To hide the task bar again just do the same. I am running Windows Home Premium 64bit. Once again, thanks for this great bit of software!

Corona!01's AvatarCorona!01 (September 30, 2011):

It works just fine, but I have to bring up the GUI at startup to make it allocate the space in spite of the fact it remembers what I put in last time.

Is there any way to make space allocation automatically take effect at startup?

Cx2J's AvatarCx2J (June 8, 2011):

It keeps giving me an anti-leech warning....

Cole's AvatarCole (March 16, 2011):

I need help wich one is the actuall thing

cartmon299's Avatarcartmon299 (January 12, 2011):

This is great but need some help :S i used it with my bar on the top and just clicked to run a few times before i noticed it but now i have a gap at the bottom of the screen that it wont let me cover :S:S:S

C0desub's AvatarC0desub (December 21, 2010):

Erm.. if i start it, the dialog won't show up.. help me?

PRINCEofPECICA's AvatarPRINCEofPECICA (December 20, 2010):

works great on windows 7 ultimate too!!!thanks so much man!I dont need the taskbar anymore XD I have an addon called tray popup in rocketdock and when I click it it shows me the tray icons.and I also have a start button which opens the start menu when I click it.and I have expose too so yeah rocketdock rocks!thanks again for this taskbar hidrer,it is the only one which works properly(hides the start button too)

xgumbyx's Avatarxgumbyx (August 30, 2010):

Hi there, I am trying Taskbar Magic in windows 7 and it works, except the settings don't seem to be read properly on a restart of the app. I set Taskbar Magic to run on startup with 0 pixels and no gui. The app does run at startup/user login and it does show the correct amount of pixels for the taskbar (0) but it also launches its GUI interface with all of the default settings shown (45 pixels, Run on startup unchecked and Begin running without GUI unchecked. My settings.ini which is located in the directory that I run Taskbar Magic from looks to be correct. Is there a way so that the app starts silently without the interface popping up every time?

dsydude's Avatardsydude (July 19, 2010):

I put my taskbar on the top of the screen then set it to allocate 0 and it works even better!

rachelm920's Avatarrachelm920 (July 10, 2010):

The only one that works with the orb on my vista machine ty!