Mac theme for windows xp

Mac theme for windows xp
Submitted November 10, 2010 by Xman56133
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plz tell me if it worked or not so i no if i need to make more or not!!!

hey here is the youtube vid to show u how to do this:



1. Download the file
2. Extract the file to ur desktop
3. Then click computer then click local disk c
4. After that then click windows then scroll down to resources.
5. Click resources and then click themes
6. Drag the extracted file into the theme folder.
7. You can close out everything then go into control panel
8. Then click display
9. Go to the top and click appearance
10. Then click on window and buttons down arrow
11. Then click on Leopard X or X
12. Then click apply
13. It should say please wait
14. When done loading u should have the mac theme

plz comment if it worked or not
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irfanalirao's Avatarirfanalirao (February 8):

Will This work fine on Windows 10 as well? Can i restore it windows back to the original, actully i am a webpreneur and i am running my webiste i am afraid that in case of any issue i'll have to be away from my business

desktopuser's Avatardesktopuser (February 14, 2014):

This is the only know imac theme that runs on WinXP.
Bur i downloaded this from another site.
I would recommend this to others.

Skunkie's AvatarSkunkie (August 28, 2013):

karan.limbu, temporarily disable IM when downloading from this site.

karan.limbu's Avatarkaran.limbu (August 28, 2013):

Hey! man this file doesnot download on IDM. whenever I try to download it always shows error message. I have windows Xp operationg system cause this is the reason any solution. You can send me the solution on this email:

tangyaozhong's Avatartangyaozhong (March 3, 2013):

I have Windows Vista, and this or any other theme doesn't seem to work!

McAwesome's AvatarMcAwesome (November 9, 2012):

I have Windows Vista, and this or any other theme doesn't seem to work!

DINESH KUMAR's AvatarDINESH KUMAR (June 22, 2012):

Hai.. i have a problem in that.. THE WINDOWS AND BUTTONS are not changed.... its make my computer ugly than previous WINDOWS AND BUTTONS... PLEASE HELP ME to clear my problems..

Longchanmolina's AvatarLongchanmolina (June 11, 2012):

Thank your upload interesting Software

sanil dsilva's Avatarsanil dsilva (February 18, 2012):

cool thanx ....

claudioneistf's Avatarclaudioneistf (February 14, 2012):

Thanks. It worked well

atiq.rana's Avataratiq.rana (January 23, 2012):


robbin2125's Avatarrobbin2125 (January 14, 2012):

It did not work!! thnxz tho =/

ABurro's AvatarABurro (November 30, 2011):

most interesting and fun! I'm stuck with a Dell :-/ so this is an improvement. Thank you.

bubamarasr's Avatarbubamarasr (November 13, 2011):

It's work's fine on my computer!
Thanks mate! :)

ThE_EnD25's AvatarThE_EnD25 (October 1, 2011):

Thank you man ((^^__^^))