Mirror effect

Mirror effect
Submitted July 16, 2008 by matonga
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Add's a mirror effect behind the dock.

Notes: You'll have to disable hover effects and auto-hide. It doesn't mirror the dock icons, just the desktop and windows. Please go to http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=49614 for more information.
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Ghutixzydar's AvatarGhutixzydar (August 14, 2011):

found out :) ty

Ghutixzydar's AvatarGhutixzydar (August 14, 2011):

idk how to do..

Ghutixzydar's AvatarGhutixzydar (August 9, 2011):

Omg thank you !!

PRINCEofPECICA's AvatarPRINCEofPECICA (July 2, 2011):

it's better to reflect you icons on generateit.net it's soo simple.

ngoisaocodon88's Avatarngoisaocodon88 (April 24, 2011):

i can't dowload it...please help me!

sultan1407_2's Avatarsultan1407_2 (March 5, 2011):

goood goood goood

sinima's Avatarsinima (October 1, 2010):

I Like this

tank's Avatartank (July 13, 2010):

I can't get this to work!

shayansidiqi's Avatarshayansidiqi (June 28, 2010):

How to set it.................

armand's Avatararmand (June 16, 2010):

howabout finding the mac mirror effect.I have a real mac leopard skin for my dock but when I put on the mirror effect it reflects the icons and the dock and that gives away the mac look of my dock.tel me pleas where can I find a good mirror effect that works the same as a imac.

adil bouamlat's Avataradil bouamlat (April 24, 2010):

Wow it is beautiful

sabel's Avatarsabel (February 11, 2010):

I thank you with all my heart

Xantium's AvatarXantium (December 27, 2009):

Well it was a nice idea anyways...

realcode's Avatarrealcode (October 14, 2009):

Very nice!!! Does anybody know how to make it run in startup??

DarkLord4535's AvatarDarkLord4535 (July 24, 2009):

This one will not work :(