Master Sword Mouse Pointer!

Master Sword Mouse Pointer!
Submitted March 12, 2010 by YodasCurd
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Just a mouse pointer I made, my very first one, if its popular enough i'll make more! :)

To Install:

1) Place pointer file where ever you please (Desktop for example)

2) Right click your desktop and then hit "Personalize"

3) Go to the mouse pointers section

4) Click on "Normal Select" and then click "Browse"

5) While in browsing find the file and click on the pointer inside the file.

6) Select it and apply.

7) the BAM!! you have your new pointer!!! yay! lol

Please rate and comment!! message me the link to a picture and i can attempt to make it into a pointer, no promises tho, as i said before this is only my first one, Im not 100% skilled at the craft of pointer making :P
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buzzard777's Avatarbuzzard777 (March 19, 2010):

Pretty good for you first one. Here are some tips for making them.

Use .ico files and delete all of the size formats except 32x32. If you already do this then ignore this sentence.
If there is not an arrow or something in the top corner of the image, just add some arrow shaped thingy, it's how I made the Mario cursors.

Oh and dig around in your C:/windows directory, there are some neat icons in folders that have to do with your computer.

YodasCurd's AvatarYodasCurd (March 14, 2010):

Microangelo Studio

davitodd's Avatardavitodd (March 14, 2010):

How do you make cursors? What program do you use?