More Rainmeter Skins/apps

More Rainmeter Skins/apps
Submitted February 5, 2010 by surajhawk
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Just paste these folders into skins folder of rainmeter.

When you do that u can access them by right clicking on any rainmeter object.

Download Rainmeter from here:
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I am just regular Guy who has nothing to do but sit in front of this Screen.
I like to customize things. Maybe thats the reason Why i am here.
I like to keep my designs simple, Bold and Clean.

I love it when people vote, comment, rude comment, criticize, advise or request me.

So more Votes+Comments= More awesome uploads.

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hackmeifucan's Avatarhackmeifucan (August 8):

<a href=""></a>

hackmeifucan's Avatarhackmeifucan (August 8):

With Rainmeter app and customize your own cool desktop
Found this list of latest themes: [url][/url]

bigmikeatky's Avatarbigmikeatky (November 24, 2012):

tried to download and open and it wouldn't open it message came up saying it was invalid I dunno why no other downloads have done this to me?

Shady Straiker's AvatarShady Straiker (October 9, 2012):

Thanks alot...its really great

vince0111's Avatarvince0111 (July 16, 2011):

nice theme man .!! :)

SSP4's AvatarSSP4 (July 12, 2011):

I give you the 5 stars.

SSP4's AvatarSSP4 (July 12, 2011):

It's greaat!! Thanks!! congratulations for this beautiful pack! xDD

migmax's Avatarmigmax (June 4, 2010):

No need to use Visual Style, Windows BLind or DesktopX!
Use RainMeter! And you just like that gets the best pimped computer ever!
Well this is awesome!!!

codybear's Avatarcodybear (February 20, 2010):

you should put this on,
that's where there's like a million skins for tons of programs...
they have a section for rainmeter.

SmexyOne's AvatarSmexyOne (February 8, 2010):

im sorry to tell but i cant get rainmeter work on my comp :(
im using windows 7 ulti
if anyone can help me make it work i'll be graetful

sgtevmckay's Avatarsgtevmckay (February 6, 2010):

Looks great
Thanks for using Rainmeter, and showing your excellent screen-shots in this community

SGT. E. V. McKay
Dev Team Member
Forum Admin.

marley_one's Avatarmarley_one (February 5, 2010):

on my desk ;) nice^^