Preserve Edge of Screen for RocketDock

Preserve Edge of Screen for RocketDock
Submitted January 15, 2009 by k3mist
Created by Mouser @ Donation Coder
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Wish this was in RocketDock already.

Anyway, here is a nice utility that preserves the edge of the screen for maximized applications. Runs in the system tray. Restart after installation.

If you are on Vista and have UAC turned on (as I do), install this in a different folder other than "Program Files" or it will not save your settings. In addition, you will get some weird access violation errors since it probably was unable to create it's config files (happened to me, uninstalled and reinstalled outside of program files). I have all of my RocketDock stuff installed outside of Program Files to avoid this as I had issues with other docklets like StacksDocklet. Or you could run it as administrator, change your settings and then it would probably save them. Not sure if it works/runs on Vista x64.

Original Author's website:

A lot are asking about my theme for Firefox, Vista and RD.

This is the default Aero Vista theme using VistaGlazz by CodeGazer;

My Firefox theme is NOT a theme. It is the default "Strata" theme with a combination of the following addons; READ CAREFULLY TO MAKE THIS WORK.

If you find the tabs are messed up in Firefox (not transparent for example). Try disabling all other Firefox Addons. I know some Addon's (Web Developer for example) will cause the tabs or toolbars to not be transparent. Enable each Addon one by one to see which is causing the problem.

**UPDATE 2**

RocketDock Theme

For those having issues with getting the edge of the screen to actually stay. Make sure the program is "snapped" in place. Also, if you have Preserve Desktop Icon Locations checked, try turning that off. If you haven't rebooted yet, try rebooting.

This works fine for me on 32bit Vista.

Desktop Background

**UPDATE 3 10/26/2010**

I no longer use windows, but instead linux. So I can no longer help with any problems. Solutions for all versions of windows are in the comments, including Win 7.

**For those now on windows 7**
Posted by: lemler3 (May 5):

hay :D i got it working with windows 7 perfectly :)
just install in compatibility of windows xp and then run the program as windows xp and BOOM no problems :)

** UPDATE 4 05/26/2014 **

Posted by: natkitten (January 14, 2013):

Works fine on Windows 8 in WinXP compatibility mode, run as administrator.
Download File! - More by k3mist
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metallicafan818's Avatarmetallicafan818 (January 28, 2009):

Wizcrazyz: it basically makes it so wenever u maximize any window it doesnt go over ur rocket dock. u get space on either the top left right or bottom of the screen. it can be made big or small.

Zqc195: it is reversible. the program gets minimized to the tray and from ther u can exit it. ur taskbar does not dissappar unless u choose to autohide it.

k3mist: i tried doing that to my firefox but my tabs get messed up. u think u can help me?

Zqc195's AvatarZqc195 (January 27, 2009):

Please someone tell me if this is reversible in case i choose to use the task bar again
i am running windows xp service pack 3

AnnexxEmpire's AvatarAnnexxEmpire (January 27, 2009):

"If you are on Vista and have UAC turned on (as I do), install this in a different folder other than 'Program Files' or it will not save your settings." Or you can just turn UAC off like I did. If I have to use Vista I'm not going to put up with it telling me I can't edit program files :P. I like the IE Browser UI you got for vista; can you tell me where you found the dynamic libraries or msstyles?

Wizcrazyz's AvatarWizcrazyz (January 25, 2009):

Can anybody explain what this does to me please??

I don't get it, what does this do??

Please help me understand!

jeff42_67's Avatarjeff42_67 (January 23, 2009):

after restart, works great..thx

pdadana's Avatarpdadana (January 23, 2009):

Great stuff
love not having to resize open apps

Avecris's AvatarAvecris (January 21, 2009):

Thats what I was looking for! Its Great thanks dud

k3mist's Avatark3mist (January 20, 2009):

It's not a Firefox theme actually. It's the default "Strata" theme with a combination of the following.

barencreque's Avatarbarencreque (January 20, 2009):

awesome application, I thought it didn't work @ first. All I had to do was restart my computer. I just wanted to mention it, just in case it helps anyone else.

dennisosorio's Avatardennisosorio (January 19, 2009):

hey bro where can i get the transparent theme like that realy like it pls share it to me

shaheen's Avatarshaheen (January 19, 2009):

when i hit download file it comes up with a screen that says save file run file or cancel and i dont know what to do about it

slipknot178's Avatarslipknot178 (January 17, 2009):

I want that transparent firefox theme... Badly

k3mist's Avatark3mist (January 17, 2009):

install, run it, drag the dock to the bottom of your screen, should snap in place. right click for options.

alienware90's Avataralienware90 (January 16, 2009):

how does this work exactly?

246mag's Avatar246mag (January 16, 2009):

never mind, it works now :)