Preserve Edge of Screen for RocketDock

Preserve Edge of Screen for RocketDock
Submitted January 15, 2009 by k3mist
Created by Mouser @ Donation Coder
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Wish this was in RocketDock already.

Anyway, here is a nice utility that preserves the edge of the screen for maximized applications. Runs in the system tray. Restart after installation.

If you are on Vista and have UAC turned on (as I do), install this in a different folder other than "Program Files" or it will not save your settings. In addition, you will get some weird access violation errors since it probably was unable to create it's config files (happened to me, uninstalled and reinstalled outside of program files). I have all of my RocketDock stuff installed outside of Program Files to avoid this as I had issues with other docklets like StacksDocklet. Or you could run it as administrator, change your settings and then it would probably save them. Not sure if it works/runs on Vista x64.

Original Author's website:

A lot are asking about my theme for Firefox, Vista and RD.

This is the default Aero Vista theme using VistaGlazz by CodeGazer;

My Firefox theme is NOT a theme. It is the default "Strata" theme with a combination of the following addons; READ CAREFULLY TO MAKE THIS WORK.

If you find the tabs are messed up in Firefox (not transparent for example). Try disabling all other Firefox Addons. I know some Addon's (Web Developer for example) will cause the tabs or toolbars to not be transparent. Enable each Addon one by one to see which is causing the problem.

**UPDATE 2**

RocketDock Theme

For those having issues with getting the edge of the screen to actually stay. Make sure the program is "snapped" in place. Also, if you have Preserve Desktop Icon Locations checked, try turning that off. If you haven't rebooted yet, try rebooting.

This works fine for me on 32bit Vista.

Desktop Background

**UPDATE 3 10/26/2010**

I no longer use windows, but instead linux. So I can no longer help with any problems. Solutions for all versions of windows are in the comments, including Win 7.

**For those now on windows 7**
Posted by: lemler3 (May 5):

hay :D i got it working with windows 7 perfectly :)
just install in compatibility of windows xp and then run the program as windows xp and BOOM no problems :)

** UPDATE 4 05/26/2014 **

Posted by: natkitten (January 14, 2013):

Works fine on Windows 8 in WinXP compatibility mode, run as administrator.
Download File! - More by k3mist
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Ishani14's AvatarIshani14 (July 4, 2009):

this is fantastic! ive used it for rocketdock on the right hand side and winamp at the top, i love it! thanks for putting it up here!

ZzirMattzZ's AvatarZzirMattzZ (June 3, 2009):

You guys are dumbasses who cant read. people who are complaining about it not working in xp, drag the box to the potition where the dock is, adjust it, right click it, and RESTART YOUR COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

longisland's Avatarlongisland (May 31, 2009):

if anybody got any ideas how to run two docks send me a message or mail me

longisland's Avatarlongisland (May 31, 2009):

hey people. i have a question if there is possibility to run two docks at the same time. thanks for info

timstone's Avatartimstone (May 12, 2009):

yea this didnt work right in would dock, but only on the left side

kan888's Avatarkan888 (May 8, 2009):

im sure this is great for vista but it didnt work for me on xp

XP users can use this one!

Press download destktopcoral at top left

It works literally INSTANTLY!

vafa's Avatarvafa (April 24, 2009):

good solution for me

ambushMe's AvatarambushMe (April 18, 2009):

is there anything similiar like this 4 xp
pls give me the link
love the icons and walls

worsaelee's Avatarworsaelee (April 8, 2009):

where did you get your icons?

RocketDockIsAwesome's AvatarRocketDockIsAwesome (March 26, 2009):

so does this work?

k3mist's Avatark3mist (March 23, 2009):

read the description? pretty much self explanatory.

Xfm24's AvatarXfm24 (March 21, 2009):

wtf whats it supposed to do???

k3mist's Avatark3mist (March 18, 2009):

updated description to answer some questions

Ambi's AvatarAmbi (March 17, 2009):

What is the name of the Docklet you are using?? Thanks :)

JVlichael's AvatarJVlichael (March 16, 2009):

When I try to dock it at the bottom of the screen it doesn't leave a space and when I undock it when it isn't transparent I can't find it.