Spider-Man icons

Spider-Man icons
Submitted January 14, 2011 by prince dastan
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These are a few icons I made from scratch. They're based on the game Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. This is my first icon set ever, so enjoy! :D
Jan 27:
Just added music and video folders. I hope you'll like them!
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prince dastan's Avatarprince dastan (May 9, 2011):

What does: 蜘蛛侠的这一系列 太酷了 mean? :o

mgxshui's Avatarmgxshui (March 24, 2011):

蜘蛛侠的这一系列 太酷了!!!!

prince dastan's Avatarprince dastan (January 29, 2011):

:D I can't wait till I can make more now!
I am thinking of a docklet to go along with it.

Vinsanity22's AvatarVinsanity22 (January 28, 2011):

thanks!!! I loved the new ones, and now we have the complete set, great work!! ;)

prince dastan's Avatarprince dastan (January 27, 2011):

Thanks for the comments! :)
Just download the file again for the newer icons.

nemesis777's Avatarnemesis777 (January 20, 2011):

like them , simple and cool , thx

Vinsanity22's AvatarVinsanity22 (January 16, 2011):

Wow!!! big Spider-Man fan here!! these icons look great, you could make a video and a music folder to complete the set!!! it would be really great!! ;)

bitamami_007's Avatarbitamami_007 (January 14, 2011):

your avatar is cool man.. and spider great icon, regrade from newbie