Tron recycle bins

Tron recycle bins
Submitted November 29, 2010 by surajhawk
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Use these icons for recycle bins! You can choose the combination of what you want.

You can have same color with different shapes or same shapes with different colors.

Some Awesome docks that go with these very well:

Tron legacy:
Tron Refinery SG1:
Tron Refinery SG2:

All up to you!
Just doing my bit as tron fever is getting the best of me. i am huge tron fan!

sen in your request suggestions and critiques!

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I am just regular Guy who has nothing to do but sit in front of this Screen.
I like to customize things. Maybe thats the reason Why i am here.
I like to keep my designs simple, Bold and Clean.

I love it when people vote, comment, rude comment, criticize, advise or request me.

So more Votes+Comments= More awesome uploads.

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ngabdulazis's Avatarngabdulazis (June 1, 2012):

good work boy

Angel Rayder's AvatarAngel Rayder (May 17, 2012):

Thank u so much...!!! They look awesome!

hens74's Avatarhens74 (December 3, 2011):

how to download at this site? i cant...please

surajhawk's Avatarsurajhawk (November 30, 2010):

Although i must say that Bike icons fell kinda small, coz Rocketdock allot a blank square space for each icon.
In order to make an icon look good one must utilize as much space as possible.
But these feels kinda thin!

Anyways I just wanted to make these as movie is coming out soon!

surajhawk's Avatarsurajhawk (November 30, 2010):

Its easy to get used to!
I mean use the image with light streak for Recycle bin full and without light streak for empty. This does make sense.

tmetcalfe's Avatartmetcalfe (November 30, 2010):

Interesting idea, even if it is a bit different as recycle bins go. The regular/morphed look and feel rather than the usual empty/full definitely takes a bit of getting used to.