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I saw the preview 4 the movie and I want to have the icon.

It's in 3D, animation, shadows, reflections, rotations, etc.

This is how the animated icons works:


First get the docklet here:


1. Put folder "Animated Shortcut" at:
C: \ Program Files \ RocketDock \ Docklets

2. Then copy and paste the folder "Animated Icon" at:
C: \ Program Files \ RocketDock \ Icons

3. Copy and paste "An animated icon" icon to the folder "Animated Icon"

4.Right click the dock and add Animated Shortcut

5.Right click the new empty space on the dock / configure shortcut

6.Set the image (navigate to "The name of the icon" in the Animated Icon folder)

7.Set the path

If your icons disappear when you restart your PC, this is the solution:

This is due to Vista/7 security not letting RD write the docklet settings to Program Files. A quick fix would be to install RocketDock outside of "Program Files" like in C:\RocketDock...

So I close my Rocked Dock and I move the RD folder from the Program folder to C:\ -and it work.I make a new start and all my configure are not deleted.. :-)

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theantagonizer's Avatartheantagonizer (June 26, 2011):

Thank you spippy! Good job man!

Spippy's AvatarSpippy (November 23, 2010):

Or ... you can read my description up there, it explain how to get this problem squash.

assaye10's Avatarassaye10 (November 23, 2010):

to cakes......

Make sure you have the "store settings in a portable INI file" checked in the rocket dock settings.
Hope this helps.

511100's Avatar511100 (November 22, 2010):


cakes's Avatarcakes (November 21, 2010):

Hey Spippy, I was wondering if you can help me with a problem. Each time I restart or Shut down my computer and when my computer starts up all my animation icons are not there any more and are displayed as "a new shortcut" it seems each time I log off they get deleted. I'm wondering if you can help me with this issue. Sorry for the bother.

N14K11's AvatarN14K11 (November 21, 2010):

this is the godfathers ring isnt it!?!?......... joking lol nice work spip!

samurize's Avatarsamurize (November 20, 2010):

Nice work pilgrim! 5's

Diggerdog's AvatarDiggerdog (November 20, 2010):

Thanks Spippy, very illuminating!!! Always enjoy your offerings.

Spippy's AvatarSpippy (November 19, 2010):

Nope, this is the green lantern:

GaMeRsOmA's AvatarGaMeRsOmA (November 19, 2010):

That's the ring of the man in batman "cartoon"? ^^'

That's good ^^