Frost Icons - Tibneo

Frost Icons - Tibneo
Submitted November 12, 2010 by Tibneo
Based on work by Calvin
20 comments, 1651 downloads
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NO MORE REQUESTS! If you would like more, I suggest using my template!


Included in this amazing icon pack is 128 different items. This icon pack goes amazing with my skin and any black wall.


I have taken co-ownership of this icon pack. It seems that Calvin has abandoned the forums, and, as a result, I'll be taking over.

I WILL be taking requests if:


This pack comes with all 108 of Calvin's original icons. Also, this will include all of MY icons except these:


Do not download this icon pack without:
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I really love this icon pack and it's a shame that Calvin had to abandon it.

Download the skin I used:

Download the wall I used:
Download File! - More by Tibneo
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collectorrrr's Avatarcollectorrrr (October 25, 2012):

someone help me! i tried to make dota 2 icon, but it's impossible for me. i got, i got dota 2 logo, but i will never understand how to make an icon for rocketdock. Please help!

BeezyRbaby69's AvatarBeezyRbaby69 (August 15, 2012):

please disregard mine lol i just realized you gave out tips below -.- ..... so slow .... sorry about that

BeezyRbaby69's AvatarBeezyRbaby69 (August 15, 2012):

I saw you said you wont take requests ..... are there any tips you can give for making a sims 3 icon since nobody seems to make them it's one of the main icons I'm missing Thank you

BrianSt's AvatarBrianSt (April 15, 2012):

Tibneo [Add Friend] [Block User] (December 21, 2010):

League of Legends doesn't sound familiar to me. But that doesn't stop me from making one. I'll get right to it!

You announced this however said you won't be doing anymore. Is it possible you will still be updating this one last time with this icon? No one happens to have one :(

Tibneo's AvatarTibneo (April 4, 2011):

haha... if your working with photoshop, i find it best to invert whatever layer you're using, (say the top) which will give you BLACK. The inverse of WHITE is BLACK. This way, your eyes can EASILY contrast the difference between the two layers. Your bottom layer being my template, then the top being your custom work.

To put it simply, work with your layer as if it were black. Your eyes can complete this task easily. Then invert the layer once you're done (Ctrl+I) and save.

Hope this helps!

johnny71's Avatarjohnny71 (April 3, 2011):

HOOOW?! do you do the image comletly white in photoshop, it's impossible!
plz help a noobie!

Tibneo's AvatarTibneo (February 16, 2011):

I won't be doing any more requests. I haven't had any time to update these icons, very least make more. You're going to have to make your own.
Use the tutorial I have below to make it. It's actually pretty easy.

aquazero's Avataraquazero (February 15, 2011):

Hi tibneo could you make frost icons for
1)Lock docklet

TIA... sorry to trouble you.

Tibneo's AvatarTibneo (February 8, 2011):

haha, firstly you need a program that allows using layers. you can find lots of them, GIMP, Paint.Net, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, and Adobe Illustrator. I highly recommend Paint.Net because it's easy to use and most of all, free.

Next, you need to open the template file. Add a layer, and say you need to make a Google chrome logo, make it COMPLETELY white, and set the layer's transparency to 60% full. Which is 153 out of 255. Finally flatten the image and save. It's really simple.

Tibneo's AvatarTibneo (December 31, 2010):

Frost Icons is accepting no more requests. If you would like more to be made, use my template inside the pack!

Tibneo's AvatarTibneo (December 23, 2010):

@unrealbe I will add those icons in later today when I find some time. It shouldn't take too long.

unrealbe's Avatarunrealbe (December 23, 2010):

I love these. Could you please add "media center master", "virtualbox", "dvd profiler", "music collector" (, "game collector" (, "mediascout".

thank you for all your work!

Tibneo's AvatarTibneo (December 22, 2010):

League of Legends doesn't sound familiar to me. But that doesn't stop me from making one. I'll get right to it!

DrMrNick's AvatarDrMrNick (December 21, 2010):

Can you pleas make a League Of Legends icon?

Tibneo's AvatarTibneo (December 21, 2010):

I want EVERYONE who has downloaded this pack to RE-DOWNLOAD this again as of:
11:15 a.m. Central Standard Time (-6:00)

I have updated the icons aligning ALL of them to the center!