Surcox icons pack 4

Surcox icons pack 4
Submitted September 18, 2010 by surajhawk
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I am extremely sorry Guys. I know i am 3 months late. Was busy and had some other reasons too. Anyways this is Pack 4. It mainly consist of the requests i got!


#- 3Ds Max
#- After Effects
#- Avast
#- Cinema 4D
#- Demonoid
#- Dreamweaver
#- Firefox (2nd)
#- Flash
#- Frostwire
#- Help
#- ICQ
#- Adobe Illustrator
#- ImgBurn
#- Infopath
#- I-tunes
#- Java
#- Joystick
#- Magic ISO
#- Media Monkey
#- Messenger
#- MS Office
#- Ms Office 2010
#- Power DVD
#- Prefs and configs
#- Publisher
#- Real Player
#- Safari
#- Sharepoint
#- Soundbooth
#- Starcraft
#- Steam
#- Teamspeak
#- Visio
#- Webcam
#- Wii
#- Youtube Catcher

If some of the random icons that are located in this pack are your creations, please let me know so I can properly credit you as I cannot remember where I downloaded all of them.

Pls vote and comment!


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I am just regular Guy who has nothing to do but sit in front of this Screen.
I like to customize things. Maybe thats the reason Why i am here.
I like to keep my designs simple, Bold and Clean.

I love it when people vote, comment, rude comment, criticize, advise or request me.

So more Votes+Comments= More awesome uploads.

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cypiszan's Avatarcypiszan (July 27, 2017):

to jest dość dobre

Aeon29's AvatarAeon29 (May 9, 2017):

you are doing a good job mate.. keep up the good work.. for sure you are having a great career with designing.. you are awesome.. cheers!

ghost1551's Avatarghost1551 (September 27, 2016):

These are awesome, but can you please make icons for Facebook,YouTube and Viber?

1337DemiGod's Avatar1337DemiGod (September 23, 2016):

oh ya and skyrim if it isnt a issue

1337DemiGod's Avatar1337DemiGod (September 23, 2016):

can you make one for diablo 3 RoS and Runescape like you did for the starcraft one in one of these packs?

Nhi Phan's AvatarNhi Phan (June 7, 2016):

thank you very much!! but, can you make icon network? please

Patriot1978's AvatarPatriot1978 (September 8, 2015):

Hello, really really magnificent work. I hope the iconset will be expanded. I miss 3 icons in my collection. 1. Blender, 2. Android(Andy) and 3. a U-Play icon. I hope that your work will continue.

But thanks a lot for all icons :-)

aeonix's Avataraeonix (November 4, 2014):

soo nice. thank you soo much surajhawk

Furious08's AvatarFurious08 (September 10, 2014):

Thank you, very beautiful

TGL Jokex's AvatarTGL Jokex (September 3, 2014):

These are so cool! Can you make some for Hoic and Loic in icon pack 5. that would complete my whole dock. I use all your icons but it looks so wrong when I have Hoic and Loic on there without a really cool icon. Keep up the great work on these and hope you do more. :)

AlienTechX89's AvatarAlienTechX89 (February 27, 2014):

nice icons show me more!!!

mzoli54's Avatarmzoli54 (February 23, 2014):

Nagyon szép munka

muju's Avatarmuju (November 17, 2013):

it would be amazing if you could add minecraft icon to your next pack if you're still making these things

Rogia1118's AvatarRogia1118 (September 19, 2013):

I like this icon...
Thank u very much... :)

apikomjak's Avatarapikomjak (August 17, 2013):

hi Thanks >>

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