Recycle bin

Recycle bin
Submitted June 6, 2010 by n0mad
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simple recycle bin I made in 3ds. :)
I like it, hope You too
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Berúthiel's AvatarBerúthiel (September 14, 2012):

Great ..... I wonder why it's so popular (just kidding)! :)

MalrodVardamir's AvatarMalrodVardamir (October 24, 2010):

haha great idea, thanks

logos4all's Avatarlogos4all (September 12, 2010):

great!could you make it,er.,chilled:).

n0mad's Avatarn0mad (June 26, 2010):

please translate the invisible..
jer ako pocnem i ja pisati na svom jeziku neces ni ti mene razumjeti..

the_invisible's Avatarthe_invisible (June 19, 2010):

quá đẹp, quá xúc tích

VLAD TEPES's AvatarVLAD TEPES (June 15, 2010):

Thanks n0mad,best Recycle,olala,

n0mad's Avatarn0mad (June 11, 2010):

thx :) thank you all..

hptmkarotte's Avatarhptmkarotte (June 11, 2010):

This is the best Recycle bin ever. 5* from me.

tzahieli's Avatartzahieli (June 10, 2010):

thnx it's very cool :)

nego's Avatarnego (June 10, 2010):

great good

4cwc4's Avatar4cwc4 (June 9, 2010):

thnx it's very cool :)

n0mad's Avatarn0mad (June 9, 2010):

you can NOT put THIS picture on the recycle bin.. you have to download zip file.. extract it in your rocketdock icon folder and under icon settings for recycle bin change pictures...

4cwc4's Avatar4cwc4 (June 9, 2010):

sorry but how can I put this picture on the recycle bin?(Im new here) =)

Legibet's AvatarLegibet (June 9, 2010):

Très amusant et rafraichissant ! ! !

Antoineee13's AvatarAntoineee13 (June 7, 2010):

thank you very much...
A beer drinker =)