Animated 3D FIREFOX Icon Part 1

Animated 3D FIREFOX Icon Part 1
Submitted January 6, 2010 by Spippy
Based on work by Mozilla firefox
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CLICK ON IT, IT'S ANIMATED ------------------------->

2 animated firefox icons, one with a lot of fire, the other with less.

It's in 3D, animation, shadows, reflections, rotations, etc.

This is how the animated icons works:

First get the docklet here:


1. put folder "Animated Shortcut" at:
C: \ Program Files \ RocketDock \ Docklets

2. then copy and paste the folder "Animated Icon" at:
C: \ Program Files \ RocketDock \ Icons

3. copy and paste "An animated icon" icon to the folder "Animated Icon"

4.rightclick the dock and add Animated Shortcut

5.rightclick the new empty space on the dock / configure shortcut

6.set the image (navigate to "The name of the icon" in the Animated Icon folder)

7.set the path

If your icons disappear when you restart your PC, this is the solution:

At all with Vista/7 I contact PolyVector and get this answer:

This is due to Vista/7 security not letting RD write the docklet settings to Program Files. A quick fix would be to install RocketDock outside of "Program Files" like in C:\RocketDock...

So I close my Rocked Dock and I move the RD folder from the Programfolder to C:\ -and it work.I make a new start and all my configure are not deleted.. :-)

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WickyLoo's AvatarWickyLoo (June 1, 2016):


gorybloodfest's Avatargorybloodfest (November 10, 2015):

Awesome looking icon :)

AMUR's AvatarAMUR (October 26, 2015):


MarDonMD's AvatarMarDonMD (May 2, 2013):

Firefox has been my favorite browser for a looong time... . . now there is an awesome icon to go with it!!! Love it!!! Thanks for your hard work and generosity!!! Definitely five stars... . . .

sahugo's Avatarsahugo (November 29, 2012):


bigmikeatky's Avatarbigmikeatky (November 26, 2012):

Very Cool Love The Animated Icons you Do!

I Already Voted just forgot to comment I usually Try and Vote and comment on anything I download it's only fair :)


lecajef's Avatarlecajef (May 6, 2012):

hello Spippy

Thank you for your animated icons his perfect !

Do you no what is the path for put rocketdock parametre ?

I dont no ?

Thank you for help me ?

Sorry for my english, I'm french .

mOazZam mUnir's AvatarmOazZam mUnir (March 19, 2012):

owsum work :)

shubaka's Avatarshubaka (March 19, 2012):

one of my prefered
i like the flames animation
good job

milpagan82's Avatarmilpagan82 (March 11, 2012):

Very sexy icon! Thanks!

tk1022's Avatartk1022 (January 16, 2012):

u r awesome!!!many thanks!!!

Spippy's AvatarSpippy (December 31, 2011):

You are quite welcome.
If you want make me happy, please VOTE

Agros's AvatarAgros (December 29, 2011):

This is a really good icon to have. I would definitely recommend it to anyone searching for a good Firefox Icon.

Thanks Spippy for your time and effort at making these Icons for us.

dbcco's Avatardbcco (December 19, 2011):

very nice ,thx

Spippy's AvatarSpippy (December 10, 2011):

Click on configure shortcut
UN tag "only animate on mouseover"
Click other button
Toggle animation