2 Animated 3D Icons Light Within

2 Animated 3D Icons Light Within
Submitted October 2, 2009 by Spippy
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CLICK ON IT, IT'S ANIMATED ------------------------->


I'VE ADDED A SECOND ANIMATION. It's the same icon but it doesn't slow down like in the preview.

I made a beautiful icon rather than a complicated animation.
I hope you guys like it.
It's in 3D, animation, shadows, reflections, rotations, etc.

I don't have time to make more so enjoy and see you in a month.

Don't forget that the preview is in gif format and it's not as good as the real thing.

This is how the animated icons works:

First get the docklet here:


1. put folder "Animated Shortcut" at:
C: \ Program Files \ RocketDock \ Docklets

2. then copy and paste the folder "Animated Icon" at:
C: \ Program Files \ RocketDock \ Icons

3. copy and paste "An animated icon" icon to the folder "Animated Icon"

4.rightclick the dock and add Animated Shortcut

5.rightclick the new empty space on the dock / configure shortcut

6.set the image (navigate to "The name of the icon" in the Animated Icon folder)

7.set the path

8.set the title

Enjoy and leave my some comments, thanks.

If your icons disappear when you restart your PC, this is the solution:

At all with Vista/7 I contact PolyVector and get this answer:

This is due to Vista/7 security not letting RD write the docklet settings to Program Files. A quick fix would be to install RocketDock outside of "Program Files" like in C:\RocketDock...

So I close my Rocked Dock and I move the RD folder from the Programfolder to C:\ -and it work.I make a new start and all my configure are not deleted.. :-)

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nhcallff's Avatarnhcallff (July 8, 2010):

I really appreciate the hard work you put into these icons. They are some of the best customizations I have seen

klauscms's Avatarklauscms (June 4, 2010):

muito bomm

kenn303's Avatarkenn303 (January 7, 2010):

Thanks for sharing your awesome work..

You Got All the piece of Stars...

Brilliant = Spippy

Spippy's AvatarSpippy (October 10, 2009):

Thank you Deiz787 for helping Hanry.

Deiz787's AvatarDeiz787 (October 10, 2009):

Просто скачай доклет под названием AnimatedShortcut(Spippy даже ссылку дал) потом поставлб доклет на панель и примени к доклету эту иконку, вот и все. :)

Elven's AvatarElven (October 8, 2009):

Good as always :)

Spippy's AvatarSpippy (October 6, 2009):

Sorry, I don't speak Russian!

Hanry's AvatarHanry (October 6, 2009):

Что-то не могу разобраться...Что куда и как запихивать игде что меняется?

iphonejunky's Avatariphonejunky (October 4, 2009):

works great!!! thanks

Spippy's AvatarSpippy (October 2, 2009):

Well, abstract icon can be used for anything... that's the beauty of it.
I know that you asked me for a firefox icon many times but I want to do it a certain way ... it's going to take 6 months, so be patient. I too want a firefox icon.

tonocarvacho's Avatartonocarvacho (October 2, 2009):

hi, I'm despered with kkmenu's system tray, I just cant make it work. My kkmenu is fine, but when I want to put the system tray items nothing happens, there's just an empty space, no system tray's items. please help me!!!! I need this, I have complete replace windows task bar, I'm just missing this, and it would be perfect, please someone!!! I wrote this here because there's no forum ;)

PRINCEofPECICA's AvatarPRINCEofPECICA (October 2, 2009):

yeah it looks good but is it useful? where I can use it lol? :) congrats for your effort you make really beautiful animated icons but try to make something like some program that we use :) maybe an animated firefox icon! with animated fire! let's see how good you are :)

Spippy's AvatarSpippy (October 2, 2009):

Thanks you, see you in a month.

emo_toaster's Avataremo_toaster (October 2, 2009):

Good looking icon Spippy. 5/5