My Computer 6 Icons-Pack (Many Colors)

My Computer 6 Icons-Pack (Many Colors)
Submitted May 23, 2009 by BARKtothePEOPLE
Based on work by Nazz3
282 comments, 1475028 downloads
176 votes

You have to visit Nazz3's profile because you'll love his icons.

I haven't posted a pc icon for a long time so here you have a new one, enjoy!

Here you can find more "My Pc" icons:
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magnolouis's Avatarmagnolouis (March 15):

Cool Awesome..

AkhileshJii's AvatarAkhileshJii (March 10):

Awesome fgds dsf dfg sdfg dfg dsfg dfg d

narisdungog's Avatarnarisdungog (October 4, 2016):

8k bruhhhhhhhh

narisdungog's Avatarnarisdungog (October 4, 2016):

nice bruhhhhh bigyan mo na akung icons

sai7720's Avatarsai7720 (October 1, 2016):

great bro wooooooww

hasanon's Avatarhasanon (July 2, 2016):

it was geaaaaaat

luap's Avatarluap (April 29, 2016):

dank je wel

luap's Avatarluap (April 29, 2016):

thanks a lot

hiwo1991's Avatarhiwo1991 (December 17, 2015):

hello all
how do I use the icons on my computer please advise

fucoxanthine's Avatarfucoxanthine (December 16, 2015):


hilbert's Avatarhilbert (December 12, 2015):


khanssits's Avatarkhanssits (August 12, 2015):

how to download it

piczklas's Avatarpiczklas (February 5, 2015):

That's amazing :)

polecz's Avatarpolecz (January 20, 2015):

im loving it :)

andrinekwardosz's Avatarandrinekwardosz (December 23, 2014):

this PC icon looks so amazing!

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