Battery-Docklet (new)

Battery-Docklet (new)
Submitted December 27, 2008 by sisx
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New version of the previous (docklet added).
Docklet battery meter plug-in
for RocketDock.

Download it and enjoy!

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s0ren's Avatars0ren (May 23):

Very Very Good

amberclassic123's Avataramberclassic123 (September 26, 2014):

It's not working... I did add it onto my dock and it came up with a '?' as its icon. How does this work?

bees34's Avatarbees34 (October 4, 2013):

this needs to be fixed, or someone needs to explain this to me, because all i get is the "!" and it seems to be backwards to me, or two parts are misplaced......

i did do everything i was told to, i read everything on here on peoples comments, and i tried everything, so know im asking for help.....

i think this looks amazing and it would go so well with my dock, but i just need help....

can someone please email me, or let me know how to actually make this work properly, like a step by step guide......thanks

Taylor Rui's AvatarTaylor Rui (August 2, 2013):

It seems doesn`t work,it doesn`t show me the correct power.

FreddiesOce's AvatarFreddiesOce (July 26, 2013):

to aply right click on rocket dock then add item then find batery meter docklet hope it helps

msn296's Avatarmsn296 (April 14, 2013):

How to install it on my dock?

castrolucas25's Avatarcastrolucas25 (October 16, 2012):

muy bueno quiero probarlo

XxValExX's AvatarXxValExX (June 3, 2012):

aa.. pero lo que tenes k copiar y pegar es la carpeta despues k la extragiste.. ;)

XxValExX's AvatarXxValExX (June 3, 2012):

jeje .. para instalarlo copias la carpeta.. y vas a mi pc archivos de programa seleccionas el rocketDock y despues habris la carpeta docket y la pegas hay .. xD .. asi haces tambien con el estack doccket..
y despues te aparece como lo del relojj y lo selecciodnas y esta.. :D

danilo1993's Avatardanilo1993 (March 11, 2012):

alguien puede decirme como carajos lo instalo?

bazail's Avatarbazail (February 18, 2012):

Muy práctico y bonito gracias sisx.

lollipop2pm's Avatarlollipop2pm (January 14, 2012):

Thank you so much,,,, ^_^

exchamelot's Avatarexchamelot (November 27, 2011):

awesome dude

heduar torres's Avatarheduar torres (October 28, 2011):

thanks so much!! its awesome!! i finally made it look reflective on my rocketdock!!

donkatopalova's Avatardonkatopalova (September 14, 2011):

oki thank you :))))))))))0