*UPDATED* Taskbar Hide/Show *UPDATED*

*UPDATED* Taskbar Hide/Show *UPDATED*
Submitted October 24, 2008 by AnnexxEmpire
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Use this program to easily show/hide the taskbar. Before you get it please check to see that you have .net framework 3.0 or higher to ensure that the program runs correctly. If you don't have .net framework 3.0 or higher Don't worry! You can download it from the link I left in the comments.
You choose what to hide, what to show,
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I wake up, stranded in a room with nothing but the bed I have slept in, the desk I own, and Horrible windows 7, complete with mouse, monitor, keyboard, and web cam. It sits there; calling out my name. I push the power button. The hard disk, it spins, calling out my name, softly. I wait an hour, three, and I log in. Inside my computer, my mind, I create works of art, so vivid in design, desperate to finish them. Then before I know it, it is night. I fall in the bed I once slept, close my eyes, the sanctity I desire. I tell myself tomorrow, it will be different, It will change. But no. It is the same.

I am AnnexxEmpire, friend to Linux, Windows, the Darwin Unix Macintosh uses, and consumer electronics. Overcoming the Horror of Windows and .NET alike; am a self-proclaimed computer genius. Using simple socket-based tcp connections through Visual Basic I am able to amaze my friends by showing them the wonders of client to server connections and digital networking. Bask in my glory like you've never basked before (witch I haven't)

--AnnexxEmpire Janitorary 44, 2012

What? A made-up date you say? PREPOSTEROUS! Visual Basic .NET NEVER LIES!!
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Shredex's AvatarShredex (February 26, 2010):

Thanks mucho!

flow_ltw's Avatarflow_ltw (January 25, 2010):

and also the taskbar tends to pop up now and den making me have to repress hide
can this be sorted :(

flow_ltw's Avatarflow_ltw (January 24, 2010):

but like i succesfully downloaded it and i am capable of using the function to hide my taskbar, but i seem to have a problem for if i relocate the file ultimate taskbar controller
it does not let me have access to the control doc for me to turn it back to normal
please reply back, thank you

DjiZoN's AvatarDjiZoN (December 1, 2009):

Works Perfectly In Windows 7 63 bits

Bladtman242's AvatarBladtman242 (November 17, 2009):

Brilliant idea and a nice bunch of choices so that you can get just what you needed.
Just one MAJOR flaw: the taskbar reappears every single time I turn my computer on, and have to use the program again :/
No offence, but like this it is kind of useless:/
Otherwise it would have been great

mmoore12's Avatarmmoore12 (May 3, 2009):

taskbar keeps reappearing. any ideas why?

p.s. really appreciate all the work you're doing with rocket dock apps!! great jobs!!

Elonia's AvatarElonia (April 12, 2009):

ah no it actually tends to reappear :(

Elonia's AvatarElonia (April 12, 2009):

Awesome thanks for this :)

Aldhissla's AvatarAldhissla (March 5, 2009):

AnnexxEmpire, this is the most useful and functional taskbar-hider I've come across! However, I'm using XP Sp3, and every now and again the taskbar reveals itself again (although I can't seem to find a reason for this...emptying the recycle bin doesn't prompt it, it just seems to after a certain period of time). I wonder if it would be too much to ask for you to look into this, and to see what you can find? It's only a minor niggle, I don't mind at all if you don't have the time etc. I'm just fussy about my computer ;)
But still, 5/5, thank you very much!

AnnexxEmpire's AvatarAnnexxEmpire (November 15, 2008):

Alright. Thank you for your concern toward my website. Don't worry, It will be up in a matter of days. I still have to wait for conformation from my Coldfusion hosting provider. I'll let you know when It's up!

inanimateone's Avatarinanimateone (November 15, 2008):

11/15/08 @ 11:00 am

You still haven't gotten a hosting account? I am looking forward to checking out your website. Let us know when you are up and running please.

chusa83's Avatarchusa83 (November 10, 2008):

Hey, i have to say that your addons are great and useful, but i have a question: i'm trying to program this addon to start with the system start throught the task programmer (scheduler) but i need to know if you can give the parameters to execute it to hide taskbar only... can you help me AnnexxEmpire?

AnnexxEmpire's AvatarAnnexxEmpire (November 7, 2008):

Right! Although sometimes this causes the entire taskbar to come back up again it would be a good solution for someone who just can't stand that ugly start icon!

inanimateone's Avatarinanimateone (October 31, 2008):

No need for a checkbox for the Start Button. Just remove it totally, if the user needs the start menu then all they need to do is hit the WIN LOGO button on the keyboard to pull up the start menu.

Dayzed's AvatarDayzed (October 31, 2008):

Works fantastic! Using Vista XP Pro... Thanks for the EXCELLENT proggy!!!