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Stack Docklet
Submitted May 23, 2010 by michel0000
Created by Matias Moreno
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I think this is the best version
but if you want the version 2.0 [pre-beta]with new options, with new errors :(
go to
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Shadowbender's AvatarShadowbender (March 19):

Rocket Dock crashes when I try to change the docklet :/

Daffy's AvatarDaffy (January 6):

Found an solution for windows 10 x64 stack docklet bug wont start on reload

yellgreen's Avataryellgreen (October 11, 2017):

looks cool,i must download one

Daniel908's AvatarDaniel908 (September 19, 2017):

Good job, I enjoy this docklet!

ECS01231's AvatarECS01231 (September 9, 2017):

thanks for your sharing ,it's good.

Qiyixuan's AvatarQiyixuan (August 23, 2017):

Nice Very Good

s0ren's Avatars0ren (May 23, 2017):

Nice Very Good

MatiGames111's AvatarMatiGames111 (May 21, 2017):

Amazing Docklet!

frankell's Avatarfrankell (April 27, 2017):

Great news for the Stacks lovers !
for the very first time the Stacks meet with the Animated Icons !!
now and here it's Double Passion >>

Collinskee's AvatarCollinskee (April 17, 2017):

Thanks you very much

AkhileshJii's AvatarAkhileshJii (March 10, 2017):

nice fd gds dfg ds ds dfg

R8L9Y's AvatarR8L9Y (March 5, 2017):

looks cool i should download

bingbongmolarte's Avatarbingbongmolarte (February 17, 2017):

very nice and great.

p8m8's Avatarp8m8 (October 20, 2016):

WTF is this, when i try to open from this stack docklet it shows "the specified path was not found." i can open the shortcut without problem, but cant open it from the stack docklet, pretty useless cr*p. >:V

kazawil's Avatarkazawil (September 22, 2016):

Hi all !
For those who get this message "The specified path was not found" when trying to launch some 64bit softwares, I had the problem and I've found a simple way to fix it !

The problem is because of a "bad" structure in some shortcuts that Stack Docklet fails to interpret correctly.

I saw that some shortcuts for 64bit softwares could be opened but not other ones. So I tried to manually create new shortcuts for those same softwares from Windows context menu, and it appeared that none of them could be opened by Stack Docklet.
Hence I thought that the problem may come from the shortcut structure. Then I tried different ways to create shortcuts until it works...

Finally, I saw that it was possible to create good shortcuts with a freeware : "Link Snack", which you can download here :

Very easy to use ! just have to indicate the path of the software, and where you want to put the shortcut (Location), and clic on "Create", and it's done.
Then, put this new shortcut in Stack Docklet and it will work like a charm ! :D

Enjoy !

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