Stacks docklet V2

Stacks docklet V2
Submitted August 19, 2009 by kaylanafbb
Created by MATONGA
389 comments, 719201 downloads
125 votes
Latest version for Stacks docklet with nice new options,like mirror effect etc...
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jamesza6602's Avatarjamesza6602 (December 18, 2013):


jamesza6602's Avatarjamesza6602 (December 18, 2013):


masum.dock's Avatarmasum.dock (December 12, 2013):

nice thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

vansusummer3's Avatarvansusummer3 (November 23, 2013):

I can't download it. Please help me!

CommanderCrowe's AvatarCommanderCrowe (November 9, 2013):

TO THOSE OF YOU GETTING AN ERROR when you start up RocketDock with the Stack Docklet - it happens, I haven't found any way of dealing with it (and believe me, I looked). You just need to keep resetting it every time. Sorry...

- Commander Crowe

joe8505's Avatarjoe8505 (October 24, 2013):

Rocketdock gets an error every time I turn on my computer and windows loads, but only when I have the stack docklet on my rocketdock. Is there any way to fix that? I don't want to not use this docklet because I love it.

closetgeek's Avatarclosetgeek (October 5, 2013):

One of my favorites! Thank You!

tanichetzaa's Avatartanichetzaa (June 16, 2013):

thank jaaaaaaa

geolav's Avatargeolav (June 5, 2013):

If i add a stack dock-let and restart Rocketdock i m getting an error (RocketDosck.exe has stopped working) and when you try again to start Rocket dock it says that rocketdock had trouble loading your icons and loads with the last good configuration with all the stack docklets missing.

Morterito's AvatarMorterito (April 21, 2013):


Me gusto mucho

ajelliottjr's Avatarajelliottjr (March 31, 2013):

When I have my rocketdock at the preferred position (on the top) The fan does not fan downward. What am I missing please?

dotajanuz's Avatardotajanuz (January 24, 2013):

nice one thanks

Kline's AvatarKline (January 12, 2013):

this exe is a downloader o0
do i get a trojan with it?

no thx, this is not very serious!

David Nix's AvatarDavid Nix (December 30, 2012):

Why I Can't not Download ?

Yo-Style Derko's AvatarYo-Style Derko (December 18, 2012):

Strong :D 10 points can not be given??