Reflective Cpu Orb

Reflective Cpu Orb
Submitted May 14, 2008 by zigboom
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A Docklet that displays CPU and RAM usage and has a Reflection on the dock...

Update: ver1.1
The Docklet now displays Virtual Memory usage(VM)

Inspired by Cpu Orb by Verythaiguy

Image made using: Gloss Orb Scripts by ~Split-Visionz

Enjoy and keep it real ;)

Install: unzip into your docklet folder, rightclick on the dock/add SysStats.
rightclick the question mark icon that appeared on the dock and load "Reflective Cpu Orb.ini" from the config folder.

Requires SysStats to be pre-installed.
Download File! - More by zigboom
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smiling_resty's Avatarsmiling_resty (September 24, 2009):

guys could please explain me what is sysstats? and why it needed to be in rocketdock?

BARKtothePEOPLE's AvatarBARKtothePEOPLE (April 10, 2009):

Very good work!!!

BARKtothePEOPLE's AvatarBARKtothePEOPLE (April 10, 2009):

You can find SysStats here:

Techgeek's AvatarTechgeek (March 3, 2009):

im trying to run the orb but after i install the SysStat program and try to add the orb, a message says a file can't be found even though i put the file in every single folder of the rocketdock! please help!!!!!!!!

zigboom's Avatarzigboom (January 17, 2009):

Thanx for your feedback Tiababy, happy u like it. njoY!

Tiababy's AvatarTiababy (January 17, 2009):

worked perfectly thanks this is really nice :)

zigboom's Avatarzigboom (November 16, 2008):

Go to: Meters/ configure/ PHDmeterClass/ process/ PageFile bytes - choose "All" on the right side. (scale is 1 million). Save the docklet once it works. njoY.

txmmx's Avatartxmmx (November 15, 2008):

What would be the settings for "VM Usage" ??
Thanks a lot man!

zigboom's Avatarzigboom (September 29, 2008):

under Meters,choose RAM/configure: should be MemoryMeter class. the scale is 1 and the metric - % used.
then choose ACTUALRAM/configure: should be MemoryMeter class. the scale is 1M and the metric used.
when it all works,rightclick the docklet & save.
hope it helps.

nicholas2008's Avatarnicholas2008 (September 28, 2008):

what would be the settings for the my computer it doesn't seem to worl:(

zigboom's Avatarzigboom (September 1, 2008):

clubfoot93, it should work(as all the other docklets u can find here. rocketdock is compatible with objectdock. the only thing u have to do is to configure the parts that point to folders. so if it says "c/program files/rocketdock..." u have to change to "c/program files/.../objectdock...". anyway plz try to follow the instructions and modify the parts that need to be changed. if u need any help, let me know (no worries,it's easier than it sounds:)

zigboom's Avatarzigboom (September 1, 2008):

hi asgard
you're welcome. really nice 2 hear.

clubfoot93's Avatarclubfoot93 (August 30, 2008):

excuse me would these work on objectdock

asgard's Avatarasgard (August 30, 2008):

thx zigboom it worked perfectly keep it up and thx a lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllot bye

zigboom's Avatarzigboom (August 17, 2008):

hi asgard. si guess u didn't unzip the docklet to the right folder(docklets-see instructions above). but,no worries, should be easy to fix. all u have to do is to copy the two images that are inclueded with the docklet(the dark orb and the hilite) into this location:
C:\Program Files\RocketDock\Docklets\SysStats\icons
it should work now.