KKmenu 2.80 Standalone Version

KKmenu 2.80 Standalone Version
Submitted July 1, 2009 by silverknight
Created by Jiri Krivanek
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Hi, Everyone

This is the an alternate version of KKmenu

version 2.80

I know a lot of you are looking for this so here it is.

The original author is Jiri Krivanek.
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sl23's Avatarsl23 (February 18, 2011):

RE: theantagonizer - May 15 2010:

If you're using the standalone version with RD you may as well stick to the docklet version then there's no need to mess about with minimizing the cmd window!!!

The whole point of the standalone version surely is meant to be used without the need to use RD? Perhaps so you can keep the menu but use with another launcher or simply place in the Quick Launch bar?

silverknight's Avatarsilverknight (November 4, 2010):

Thanks for figuring it out guys.

theantagonizer's Avatartheantagonizer (May 16, 2010):

After exploring this a little further I have noticed something. You DO NOT need to use a bat file at all. The stand alone menu can be started using a simple shortcut. For example, create a shortcut to the KKMenu executable simply by dragging it onto your dock. Change the "arguments" of that shortcut in rocketdock to the arguments you are using in your batch file. For example

kkmenu.exe "KkMenuDrives.ini KkSkinMenuAlfonso.ini 0 200 300"

The part I put in quotes would go in the arguments section of properties. This will launch properly and you will not have that ugly command window every time.

theantagonizer's Avatartheantagonizer (March 4, 2010):

You can also run it with a vbs file.

sl23's Avatarsl23 (March 3, 2010):

I asked elsewhere and recieved:

Create a shortcut to the batch file, right click on the shortcut and click Properties. Go to the Shortcut tab and where it says Run: select Minimized.

sl23's Avatarsl23 (February 20, 2010):

Any ideas how to minimise the cmd window on startup?

It's a bit annoying:(

sl23's Avatarsl23 (February 19, 2010):

Well, what can I say? It works fine!! I tried looking at it again a few days ago and figured out how it works. I also revised and simplified the manual. For those with any questions on how to work it here's a brief explanation:

1. Run KKMenuEditor.exe, it will remember the last edited Menu.
2. Click 'New menu' button, then highlight the root 'Menus' in tree section.
3. Now click 'Add' to create 'New Menu'.
4. Enter name for 'New Menu' in the 'edit-box'.
5. Click 'Add' again to create 'New Menu Item'.
6. Enter name for the item to be displayed in the Menu in the 'edit-box'.
7. Select whether it is to be a 'Shortcut' or 'Folder'.
8. Enter the location of your shortcut or folder. Don't forget to finish the folder path with the backslash character (i.e. '\')
9. Select an 'Image' if required. Highlight the desired menu item in the menu tree and press the button next to the 'Image' edit-box. Images must be PNG, other formats such as ICO, BMP, JPG, GIF, etc, may work but may look rubbish. If the images are not located in the KKMenu directory, you will be asked if you'd like to copy them into the menu.ini directory. The KKMenuEditor will display your image.
10. Save the Menu. Note: The menu .ini files must always be placed in the directory or subdirectory of KkMenu, or the KkMenu.exe will be unable to load it. Enter a title for your new menu (which will be used as the first argument of the KkMenu.exe, for more details see the 'Command Line Arguments' and 'Using with Object Dock' sections) and press the "Save" button.
11. For further items, highlight the Menu you want to add a subdirectory to and follow steps 3 to 10 above.

12. Next you need to create a .bat file for starting your Menu. Without this you'll get no Menu. If you try starting the KKMenu.exe directly this is the message you'll get:

Invalid number of parameters. Usage: KkMenu.exe menu_file.ini skin_file.ini [delay [x y]]

This is because the ***.bat file is what starts the program and tells it what it's supposed to be doing. Simply create a copy of the included 'test.bat' file which has these commands:

kkmenu.exe KkMenuDrives.ini KkSkinMenuAlfonso.ini 0 200 300

o 'kkmenu.exe' = tells the KKMenu program to start. This MUST NOT be changed.
o 'KkMenuDrives.ini' = states which Menu file to load. Change this to the name of your menu.
o 'KkMenuAlfonso.ini' = states which Skin file to load. Change this to the name of your skin.
o '0' = this is optional. The delay in ms of the submenu auto-opening delay, if not included default is set at 400ms.
o '200 300' = this is optional. The 'X' and 'Y' position the root menu will appear on screen, if not included the menu will appear at cursor position.
Note: If X and Y present then the delay parameter MUST also be specified.

13. Be sure to save all settings before you exit.
14. Now double-click your new .bat file to start your newly created Menu.

Hope that helps. There is more to it but those are the basics to get you up and running.

sl23's Avatarsl23 (December 3, 2009):

any chance this problem gonna be sorted? This is a great little docklet and would b excellent as standalone app. I use portableapps.com menu alongside RD and would like t add a button as shortcut t a kkmenu for less used apps and windows folders. i could do this anyway by editing the .ini file but would like kkmenu.
Here's hoping...

Kaka-Dude's AvatarKaka-Dude (August 2, 2009):

I have the same problem as ThehellionKd. The readme.doc does not really help.

Lunovus's AvatarLunovus (July 9, 2009):

This is a standalone version of KKMenu (*.exe), not a docklet (*.dll).
As such it has to be used in a different way as the docklet.

And this is probably NOT a newer version as this has been compiled 2003-7-18.
The docklet version has been done 2005-7-7 (TrayServer 2003-10-31).

So the version number on this (2.80) compared to the version number of the latest docklet version (1.2rc or (internal)) is misleading.

This is a different and actually OLDER version of KKmenu.

But since this is NOT a docklet and DOES NOT include a tray server and does not need a "real" installation this could actually be more "system friendly" and less error prone than the docklet version.

ThehellionKd's AvatarThehellionKd (July 4, 2009):

please help... I installed the version 1.2, maybe 3 o more times... and it never runs.... I desinstalled it over & over again becouse apear a lot of errors messages.
Now i Installed this version 2.80... i tried to do exactly wath the readme says,but i still with problems.. the file named "KKmenu" doesn't works.. it say

"invalid number of parameter. Usage: KKmenu.exe <menu file>.ini <skin file>.ini (delax (XY))" ..... what im doing wrong??

I really like this aplication.. =/ can someone help me??
... sorry for my bad english jeje

vesper8's Avatarvesper8 (July 2, 2009):

thanks! I take it installation is as simple as dropping all the contents of the rar inside RocketDock/docklets/KkMenu/ ?