StandAloneStack 2

StandAloneStack 2
Submitted June 18, 2009 by flipex
Created by Matonga
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new Stackdocklet.. by Matonga

just run the application "Standalonestack.exe" and create you new stacks..then drag them into rocket dock..done.

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seregual's Avatarseregual (September 7):

add 'apply' button. Enjoy!

thecinematic's Avatarthecinematic (October 31, 2016):

Awesome!Great work :)

frankell's Avatarfrankell (March 17, 2014):

Great news for the Stacks lovers !
for the very first time the Stacks meet with the Animated Icons !!
now and here it's Double Passion >>

Galactapuss's AvatarGalactapuss (March 14, 2014):

Norton 360 reports the exe for this docklet as suspicious and automatically deletes it. Strange- when I scan the entire folder for this docklet, Norton says everything (including the exe) is safe and virus-free, but when I scan just the exe, the exe is detected as suspicious (WS.Reputation.1).

webtrip2013's Avatarwebtrip2013 (August 10, 2013):

Mr. Matonga,

select stack left to open the cells, the more it stays open to the right,
the program can be trolled? trick or some combination of procedure
if video tutorial helps likewise

I await instructions


webtrip2013's Avatarwebtrip2013 (August 10, 2013):

Mr. Matonga,

because the left to open the battery remains open to the right,
the program can be trolled?

I await instructions

khairy's Avatarkhairy (August 4, 2013):


hedikong's Avatarhedikong (February 27, 2013):

I added some customized features and functions.

hedikong's Avatarhedikong (February 16, 2013):

Just uncheck the "keep in memory when stack is closed" and most problems with this stack will go away.
This stack is great if you have adequately familiarized with it. Like what I did here, you can enlarge icons to thumbnail size without blurring if you use or create your own multi-sized customized icons:

gridrubbish's Avatargridrubbish (January 25, 2013):

Standalone Stack 2.0.7 released !

The author didn't share the new version here!!
I try the new version, and it works!! Thanks God.

You can download it on this web page:

Note simple instruction here:
1. Execute StandaloneStack2.exe.
2. Choose "New Stack" on the left side.
3. Input "Stack name" (assume it is "Game"), and set the folder path, and others settings.
4. Press "Create Stack".
5. (Not necessary.) Press "Create shortcut" to anywhere you want. Once you create shortcut, you can double click it, and docklet will still appear!!!
6. [Create it into your RocketDock.]
- 6.1 Add file item: "StandaloneStack2.exe" into your RocketDock
- 6.2 Right click on the item you've added, choose "Icon Settings", input Arguments "Game" (the stack name you inputted at step 3.) (Including the quotation marks.)
- 6.3 Press "OK"

Hope you can do it!!

introspeknation's Avatarintrospeknation (May 10, 2012):

what is ffmpeg? what did it just do? bcs that command prompt black window was just too fast for me. what did that just install and where did it go?

ruth_hurwitz's Avatarruth_hurwitz (February 1, 2012):

it's workin., bt slow..

spchtr's Avatarspchtr (January 17, 2012):

@DirtyShady I'm also having trouble getting the direction to work properly, no matter what I set the direction to it still goes up. I checked the standalonestack.ini file, and there's a Direction=3 (which I presume to be down) under the stack name, I changed it and in the properties of the stack it changed, but it still opens up. I'd like it to go down, any help appreciated.

rosas2oo9's Avatarrosas2oo9 (October 25, 2011):

great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JNOOON's AvatarJNOOON (October 8, 2011):

thanxxxxxxxx :)