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Stacks Docklet

Stacks Docklet
Submitted December 31, 2007 by matonga
1883 comments, 4546643 downloads
737 votes
Shows a Fan or a Grid stack, a la Leopard.
Options are be: Automatic, Fan, Grid.

See a screnshot of it here:

Help thanks to bezisdabest:

Stacks gone after restart? Here's the solution folks:

Log in as admin to have the administrative rights.

1. Navigate to the RocketDock folder under program files...C/Program Files/RocketDock.

2. Right click on the RocketDock folder, and select properties, click the security tab at the top.

3. You should see a list of groups and user names of your pc, click edit...

4. Click on your user name..should be called "Users(your name)"

5. Check the box underneath to give yourself "Full Control", click Ok, Ok..

6. Done, your user account now has full permission to this folder...try it close the application or restart and you settings should be saved.

Download File! - More by matonga
melvin jose's Avatarmelvin jose (May 16):

bien que fino es la mejor que hay

xirtam82's Avatarxirtam82 (May 2):

Does any one have a solve for the docklets not working when second monitor is disconnected
every time I disconnect the monitor and the monitor display changes it wont expand anymore
hoping someone has seen and has a solve I was going to set a script to restart rocket dock whenever t5he monitor profile changes but that is a pain

PowerUser's AvatarPowerUser (March 30):

Please note that Moreno's personal web site seems to be offline as of March 30, 2018, and the Stacks 2 update has been removed from the RocketDock add-on page. This may be because the Stacks 2 installer downloads the rar file from Moreno's web site and the download fails. I don't know of a way to get Stacks 2 without Moreno's web site.

There is a huge opportunity for RocketDock, Stacks, and other add-ons right now because RocketDock is recognized as the best scalable dock for Windows 10 out there right now (see recent Kim Kommando blog posts).

In any upgrade, you may - or may not - want to consider support for "Universal Applications," i.e. tablet and cell phone applications that will install and run on Windows 10. I have no use for "Universal Applications" on my desktop myself. But they may be of interest to people with touch-screen tablets and laptops that run under Windows 10.

PowerUser's AvatarPowerUser (March 30):

To use in my particular Windows 10, you need to open the Icon Settings of each Stack, and set a Folder. The folder must be somewhere you have write permission, and you put shortcuts to the items you want in this stack in the folder. The folder name becomes the stack name.

While you are in Icon Settings, you can also set an Icon for the stack if you wish.

I'm just starting out with RocketDock, but it seems that you can start 64-bit applications from Rocket Dock but NOT from a Stack, unless you "start" a file that invokes a 64-bit application.

Ko Htwe's AvatarKo Htwe (March 26):

I Like best Docklet

DOA_momiji's AvatarDOA_momiji (March 16):

very good!!Thank you for sharing !!

teershillong's Avatarteershillong (February 21):

Fantastic ! Thank you for sharing !!

teerguru's Avatarteerguru (January 19):

Thanks a lot man

Igorovic's AvatarIgorovic (December 25, 2017):

thank you so much

Lynkdev's AvatarLynkdev (September 20, 2017):

NvM i figured it out.

Lynkdev's AvatarLynkdev (September 20, 2017):

I added the folder under docklets and can add the item to the dock but it does nothing? am i missing something?

please help:)

Daniel908's AvatarDaniel908 (September 19, 2017):

:O Omg, This is Fantastic!

webliya's Avatarwebliya (August 14, 2017):

I did not like it too but solution of surfer007 works. Why? We don't know but this is Microsoft!!! I say high five to surfer007 for this genius solution. Thnaks.

webliya's Avatarwebliya (August 13, 2017):

Thank you for this great docklet. My windoz gets osx like everyday. :)

RockyFaher's AvatarRockyFaher (August 12, 2017):

Okay, so I'm not a slouch after all (I was thinking I was)! Anyway, yeah!! (Hi Five) So it works pretty good. It's a redirect - how the hell did you figure it out? I tried everything. But thanks for the tip - it s pure GOLD.

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