KKMenu Docklet v1.2 RC2

KKMenu Docklet v1.2 RC2
Submitted February 19, 2007 by Skunkie
Created by kakacek
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===============PLEASE NOTE===============
This docklet has been out of development since 2007.
It is not compatable with 64bit Windows, or Vista/7.

If you want to update this docklet the original source is
===============PLEASE NOTE===============

This is the last official build of Kkmenu by kakacek.

install instructions:

1. During installation I chose "No Tray support" (Reason: I'm going for stability first and foremost, until I get some time in using RocketDock & KkMenu together)

2. During install, I chose this installation path: (C:\Program Files\RocketDock) (Reason: By choosing this path, KkMenu's folders/files, related to the docklet, get installed directly underneath RocketDock's "Docklet" Folder allowing KkMenu to appear as an item selectable later on.)
Note that additional KkMenu related files (such as the uninstaller) will be added during installation, directly within RocketDock's "Program Files" folder.

3. After a system reboot, rightclick on a blank area of RocketDock, choose "Add Item" and you should see KkMenu as a new entry in the submenu.

4. Select KkMenu. (will first appear as a blank space on the dock.)

5. Right click the blank area and the configuration windows will appear.

6. Configure the dock using the window which appears.
(Note: this will be a bit confusing for first-timers.)

For Developers:

You can download the original Kkmenu source (in Delphi) here - http://rocketdock.com/addon/docklets/1004
Download File! - More by Skunkie
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Co-creator and documentation author for RocketDock.

For help with RocketDock: http://rocketdock.com/help

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teerguru's Avatarteerguru (January 19):

Wow this is amazing!

marcusvr's Avatarmarcusvr (November 16, 2013):

Is there some way to make KK Menu work in Windows 8.1 x64? I can't make kk Tray Server run...

de1024nnis's Avatarde1024nnis (October 8, 2013):

cant get dl....

JeffTheKiller's AvatarJeffTheKiller (August 5, 2013):

You don't need to reboot! You only have to restart RocketDock.

alien1975's Avataralien1975 (July 7, 2013):

thanks cool

tommytoan's Avatartommytoan (January 17, 2013):

hay qua... good good

RevanMaxwell's AvatarRevanMaxwell (June 14, 2012):

This would be an awesomely amazing if it was dual monitor friendly. To bad it's not.

duraimon's Avatarduraimon (March 24, 2012):

theres no kk menu in my add item after my comp. reboot?? can somebody help me

barden's Avatarbarden (February 25, 2012):

Still working after all these years . . ! Great, still not tried the new version but still on XP and it works fine. Cheers.

babushka's Avatarbabushka (December 14, 2011):

i did it!


i installed mine using the exact same instructions as above and have kkmenu folder in C:\program files\rocketdock\docklets but i ALSO HAVE A COPY OF THE FOLDER IN C:\program files\rocketdock. the i did the usual, right-click on RD, select kkmenu > setup tray > check "enable tray support for this icon" > close and close and there you go! :)

babushka's Avatarbabushka (December 14, 2011):

LOVE this docklet! i no longer need my taskbar. I do, however have a question that looks like has been asked a million times: how can i use this to replace my systray? i've googled, watched youtube videos but i cant find any actual instructions. any help?

kyuubinoneko's Avatarkyuubinoneko (October 26, 2011):

Beautiful. Works perfectly with my 64-bit Windows 7 too ;)

marcelo.betel's Avatarmarcelo.betel (September 18, 2011):

Could you PLEASE make it work on Windows 7 64bit?

I don't know how to use your source files in Dephi, so I can't do anything with them.

biloy143's Avatarbiloy143 (April 25, 2011):

thanks uploader... it really works..I just run the program and I follow the shortcut key.. thanks again...

vampir_87's Avatarvampir_87 (January 4, 2011):

tanks you tanks you

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