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Leather & Carbon [Wallpaper]

Leather & Carbon [Wallpaper]
Submitted October 12, 2008 by EJ20
13 comments, 22050 downloads
10 votes
A wallpaper with a combination of leather and carbon fiber textures. Hope you like it!

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's Avatarwizard_xrc (May 3, 2010):

Great ! I like minimal-style wallpapers, and this one rocks !!

's AvatarRazorBlade (January 29, 2010):

Woow! looks great on my desktop. NICE wallpaper! ;)

's AvatarRex TRP (December 23, 2009):

Absolutely pristine. Excellent work. I'll be using this for months to come.

's Avatarmimmipopo (December 16, 2009):

Haha very soft :D, thanks man xD

's Avatarjabuuty671 (June 9, 2009):

So plain that it's perfect><

's Avatar0xLiMeSx0 (April 3, 2009):

Awesome :)

's Avatarshpok (February 18, 2009):

Great wallpaper!!!

's AvatarEJ20 (October 17, 2008):

glad you like it :)

's AvatarTheNinja (October 17, 2008):

looks VERY cool.

's AvatarStealtfy (October 14, 2008):

Awesome! Love it.

's Avatarbone stealer (October 13, 2008):

looks like a close up of the interior of a very nice car...

well done!

's AvatarEJ20 (October 12, 2008):

Photoshop CS3

's AvatarDan2121 (October 12, 2008):

Wow very good job. I love it. What software did you use?