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Concentric Gears (4k and Full HD)

Concentric Gears (4k and Full HD)
Submitted August 19, 2013 by Dario99
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This wallpaper was created with Blender and the Cycles-renderer. From the idea to the final result it tooks about 6 hours. It tooks very long to find a position for the camera and the arrangement of the lighting was really hard for this piece.

The render-time amounts to 1 hour and 35 minutes with 400 samples. Furthermore the wallpaper has a resolution of 4k (3840x2160px).

Two resolutions:


If you need another resolution, you can ask me for this.

I hope you enjoy this wall and leave a comment, please. ;-)
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If you want to see my creations, look at "".
If you want an icon or a wall (background) with a specific content, you can ask me; I normally take requests all the time. Contact me! :-)

For most of my pictures and icons I have used the software Blender.
Furthermore I use the Blender-Render and Cycles.

with best regards out of Germany

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