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Theme in preview is by mr.grim and icons are by Harvey you can get all you see in preview from our site all that is included in download is the dock skin hope you like it enjoy!
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I am mostly a tattooist and windows seven visual style builder but i also enjoy making dock skins and customizing in general.If you want to know where to get my themes

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's Avatarmujrem (April 19, 2012):

nice skins tnx so much

's AvatarTaft (March 19, 2012):

Hi about that theme, it is possible to just have that taskbar?

's AvatarRedchillie (March 15, 2012):

hey bro, where can i get all these things without visiting that website? its like a maze and will probably take me 30 years to find anything there :S

's Avatarbigcyco1 (February 28, 2012):

Thank you mr.happynappy glad you like it.

's Avatarmr.happynappy (February 27, 2012):

nice skins tnx so much

's Avatarbigcyco1 (February 27, 2012):

lmao thanks nofx well i learn from the best imo you,and grim and lots of practice and stressful days and nights lol

's Avatarnofx1994 (February 26, 2012):

well i think you did a great job on this bigc and i also think some should consider using their own advice as well and not do the same style for every dock (just saying), but anyways ***** from me buddy

's Avatarbigcyco1 (February 25, 2012):

lol well thanks Mafia i like to be different and unique i love all styles minimal,dark,light,glossy,glass elect.I don't like to only make docks that are mostly aleinware or space type style

's AvatarCloud20 (February 24, 2012):

yes HUD LAUNCH ^^ i named it Orange because it exist a RED And Blue too ^^ .. yes at deviant art first 2 days , this theme was free... now it is removed =))

's Avatarbigcyco1 (February 24, 2012):

The theme is not called HUD Orange it's called HUD LAUNCH by mr.grim01 and thanks Cloud20 glad you like it also that theme is not free legally anyway and i think it's cheap enough people should show a little appreciation and respect and just buy it it's not even 5.00 USD

's Avatarbigcyco1 (February 24, 2012):

Thanks Lefty i love all your dock skins my friend your are a master in my eyes!

's AvatarCloud20 (February 24, 2012):

This theme is called HUD [Orange]. tell me if u want it ^^

and yes, Nice RD skin bigcyco1 . !!! 5 {*****}

's AvatarMafia007 (February 24, 2012):

but your themes are really cool.. :)

's AvatarMafia007 (February 24, 2012):

hey buddy i have been tolding to u that you have much more potential.. this skin WAS good.. but what you did wrong is the shape you made on top left and top right corners.. it really suck.. without that, the skin would had looked much more better..! anywayz 4 from my side.. :) 1 opinion .. take your time to make skins.. come up with a never seen before work! be patient , dont be in a hurry to post things.. :D lol