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Black Destiny..

Black Destiny..
Submitted November 4, 2011 by Fireblade
75 comments, 201981 downloads
35 votes



Wall Download Here:


Icons Included Converted by me and added Reflection...

Icons Size: 16Px

Credits: Orginal Icons Here: 4 Mac...

Indicator Included ....

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How To Install :

Extract the .zip file into C:\Program Files\RocketDock\Skins. In the
RocketDock settings, choose the new skin from the list under "Styles".

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's Avatarkarrottop787 (July 31):

i know im late finding this, but it looks great!! can you help me do my desktop like that, with time, date, music, etc.?? email me @ karrottop787@yahoo.com

much appreciated!!

's Avatarsatan0 (April 15, 2014):

how I can download?????

's AvatarDeido (February 28, 2014):

Very Nice, thnks!!!

's AvatarStevollan (January 11, 2014):

How can I get the clock that you display on you screen??

Help me out please!

's Avatar629293 (September 17, 2013):

thank you!!!

's AvatarDANYMYLLA (May 15, 2013):

nao sei como instalar esses skins... alguem pode me ajudar por favor?

's AvatarLuNaLLeNa (April 25, 2013):

Buen trabajo, ¿puedes decirme cómo puedo conseguir el gadget reloj con calendario, y el ecualizador (o aplicación de música)?
Por favor, responda a mi dirección tania_dorys@hotmail.com

's AvatarfabioDcastro (April 6, 2013):

Great job, can you please tell me how can i get the clock gadget with calendar, and the equalizer (or music app)?
Please answer for my e-mail (fabio.castro.carneiro@hotmail.com)

's AvatarDeath_Knight (March 25, 2013):

thank you!!!

's AvatarBurnard (February 26, 2013):

Hi there. First of all, i'd like to congratulate you on your great job!! My question here is what is the dock/icons that you used. Mainly how did you get your whole desktop looking like that. If possible email me with all the possible info.(bernardopinto.15@gmail.com) Thank you, and continue with the superb job!

's Avatarmike.cmt (February 23, 2013):

good job and many thanks.

's Avatarhammey (January 29, 2013):

This clock Gadget is known as "cowon clock". You have to install "rainmeter" from "http://rainmeter.net/cms/" , then you have to download this clock from this site "http://marcarnal.deviantart.com/art/Cowon-Clock-for-rainmeter-191393706"... after downloading, just install this clock and start rainmeter.. thanks

's AvatarJavierMolinaaa (January 24, 2013):

can you tell me where you downloaded the "gadgets" and "EQ" can you tell me my mail esplot06@gmail.com?

's Avatarthenight (January 11, 2013):

nice job... awesome wall

's AvatarRyruzu (December 1, 2012):

Ehmm hey, I just downloaded this awesome skin but how do you change all your icons at once? and how do you change your indicator? sorry i'm a noob but please I need your help.


+ How did you get that clock/date/music on your background?