OS X Leopard Dock Pack

OS X Leopard Dock Pack
Submitted April 8, 2009 by BARKtothePEOPLE
Created by TSAelement
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's AvatarBARKtothePEOPLE (September 24, 2011):

Youre welcome! :)

's AvatarSilver Apple (September 23, 2011):

tnx man!

i really need the mac os 9 dock

look my mac dock! is from lion (10.6.8)

's Avatarggrace (September 23, 2010):

thanks so much
nice pack

's AvatarBARKtothePEOPLE (May 16, 2010):

i'm 14 i hope you understand i cant make docklets ;)

's Avataryehoshua2123 (March 26, 2010):

can you make a certain docklet?
one that shows the active windows

's AvatarBARKtothePEOPLE (September 13, 2009):

ill try thanks for the comment wolen_juan =)

's Avatarwolen_juan (September 5, 2009):

hey! i really love your work! uhmm, can you make a warcraft III skin featuring Priestess of the moon? i haven't seen one :P thanks alot! :P

's AvatarBARKtothePEOPLE (July 7, 2009):

I dont know :S sorry

's Avatarmymacrocks (July 7, 2009):

does the 3D tile things also need to be payed?

's AvatarBARKtothePEOPLE (July 5, 2009):

These are Objectdock's complements (not rocket's) but you must pay for use them.

's AvatarBARKtothePEOPLE (July 5, 2009):

it doesnt matter mastertrain

's Avatarmastertrain (June 15, 2009):

LOVE IT! :) hope im not spamming but could some of you people check out my stuff? (:?

's AvatarBARKtothePEOPLE (June 4, 2009):

Ok, bktovmar, youre welcome ;)!!!

's Avatarbktovmar (June 4, 2009):

I'll try.


's AvatarBARKtothePEOPLE (May 5, 2009):

May be. I'll try ;)