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Hide/Show Desktop Icons

Hide/Show Desktop Icons
Submitted May 4, 2010 by snackysniper
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I use this to replace the stack docklet. I know it was awesome but it had to many glitches. I just put shortcuts to all my favorite programs on the desktop then you can just hide or show them from the desktop.

There is no icon for this you'll just have to find one.

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I love programming in visual basic and random languages in notepad(Which I recently stop using because notepad++ is way better) I'm by far not the best programmer on this site but I'm pretty good so if you ever need help with anything or if you have in request just ask and I'll see what I can do.
As you can probably tell I like to change the colors of other people stuff and resubmit it.

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You may laugh at the white circle around my smiley if you wish

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samuhay's Avatarsamuhay (April 26, 2013):

Don't Work . I m Click Apps.exe Or Run Of Admin. ─░ts Dont Open Only Wait

snackysniper's Avatarsnackysniper (February 22, 2012):

For some reason this doesn't always work on windows 7. I can't not figure out what is causing it to only work half the time. If its not working on Vista restart your computer and re-download it. Thanks for commenting everyone
Wallpaper and Skin:
Check out the other stuff from the guy at the link above he is awesome

EspadaLegend's AvatarEspadaLegend (February 20, 2012):

To Fix your little "White Circle" around your image you should consider using "GIMP 2" it's completely free and easy to use :D

darkillusions's Avatardarkillusions (January 1, 2012):

The file name is Apps.exe. Nothing happens when I click on it. Why?

wisho444's Avatarwisho444 (December 30, 2011):


pepegrillo11's Avatarpepegrillo11 (October 7, 2011):

muy interesante y te deja el escritorio libre para que puedas ver la imagen que tienes en el... Gracias

ThE_EnD25's AvatarThE_EnD25 (October 1, 2011):


xBL3NDx's AvatarxBL3NDx (September 29, 2011):

Can u share a wallpaper link?

jonas2798's Avatarjonas2798 (July 22, 2011):

aowsome dude very helped me to make my pc look like a mac :D !!

kpnidh's Avatarkpnidh (June 11, 2011):

Awesome stuff dude..

kevinlvl's Avatarkevinlvl (April 30, 2011):

hello, about this skin, how to install file .ini ? can u help me please

Aime S's AvatarAime S (April 10, 2011):

wooow soo cool^^

sultan1407_2's Avatarsultan1407_2 (March 5, 2011):

You are sweet

Vshadow's AvatarVshadow (December 28, 2010):

you theme so cool..where i can download the theme? can you give me link >? thnx :).

snackysniper's Avatarsnackysniper (November 22, 2010):

Your welcome!
Sorry thats the only download link I know of.