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Chibi Anime Icons

Chibi Anime Icons
Submitted December 19, 2008 by samooryesord
12 comments, 36456 downloads
11 votes
33 Chibi Anime Icons from about 10 different anime series lol. Someone asked me for them so here they are! Enjoy!

All image rights go to the respectful owners.

Please feel free to leave comments =)
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ozayudha's Avatarozayudha (January 19, 2014):

thanks for the cute icon LOL

shironeko's Avatarshironeko (May 4, 2013):

Thank Thank Thnak

Sz09's AvatarSz09 (May 21, 2012):

Can you give instruction?
To put it in the icon?

majigglas's Avatarmajigglas (November 11, 2011):

Thank Thank Thnak

gabikawaji's Avatargabikawaji (September 29, 2011):

oooh thanks! cuuuute ~

kionkyun's Avatarkionkyun (June 20, 2011):

that cute, ~^^~

mekutomeketo's Avatarmekutomeketo (March 5, 2011):

those icons are cool ! ROCK ON .

michaelstewart55's Avatarmichaelstewart55 (December 16, 2010):

pretty righteous!!!

timkhobau's Avatartimkhobau (September 15, 2010):

yes that's great

DmC10's AvatarDmC10 (June 5, 2010):

thnx man! these r great!

fujyoshi's Avatarfujyoshi (February 13, 2009):

thanx a lot

teck meng's Avatarteck meng (December 20, 2008):

thx for upload those anime series icons