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G chrome

G chrome
Submitted September 2, 2011 by jonslava
Created by Gianluca Divisi
8 comments, 26916 downloads
15 votes
Hi! All advise!

- Wall;
-- Icons;
--- Skins;
---- Automatic switch keyboard layouts;
----- USB;
------ Rainmeter;
------- Clock,weather,calendar :-boot file to open via Rainmeter;
-------- sound Control;
--------- Open-Close CD,On-Off:
---------- Stackdocklet;
----------- "We cherish our eyes!":program - F.lux;
------------ Voted, get a bonus!: Wallpaper "Dog 3D" and "Tiger 3D."
------------- Good luck!!!

P.S. Gadgets to download:

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's AvatarSabi.jk96 (December 4, 2011):

Awesome, it really is..It would be cool is a whole icon pack could be made like this...

's Avataradr4x4 (September 15, 2011):

Lindo, biutifull

's Avatarszq922990 (September 5, 2011):

It is very good.

's AvatarEPlC99 (September 4, 2011):

Best Chrome edit i have seen. Great Job!!!

's AvatarDave_T (September 3, 2011):

Excellent concept! disc
with Googlesk colored central sphere.
Super cool!

's Avatar97rocklee (September 3, 2011):

That was awesome :D
I like it :)

's AvatarGhutixzydar (September 3, 2011):

Ok, i have to say that its an awesome icon :) Great job ;-)

's AvatarSilver Apple (September 2, 2011):

tnx man :)

good job!