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Lucid Icons V2 White Set 300+ Icons

Lucid Icons V2 White Set 300+ Icons
Submitted April 4, 2011 by oOXP5Oo
Created by leechiahan
38 comments, 68131 downloads
19 votes
- tons of new icons, including community contributions
- re-organized folders
- simplified tutorial and .pdf for making your own

*****THIS PACK CONTAINS THE WHITE ICON ONLY GO HERE FOR THE BLACK SET http://rocketdock.com/addon/icons/35944 *****




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's AvatarNJDevils1214 (June 15, 2014):

Love the set, only things missing are speedfan and musicbee. Thanks for your time in making it.

's AvatarIdreesInc (July 12, 2013):

There needs to be more general icons on the set. This would include

's AvatarOmar Laheb (June 17, 2013):

Nice one
Das ist so gut.

's AvatarRyuShake (May 27, 2013):

I can't download it, help me please.

's AvatarArian1994 (May 26, 2013):

Nice nice..... :D

's Avatarzoon188 (April 1, 2013):

Can someone make a task manager icon

's AvatarJuqe (January 23, 2013):

Can someone be super awesome and remove the reflection on these? I LOVE these icons but something about the reflection doesn't go well with my minimalistic design. I would do it myself, but I don't have that much experience... If you do, send me them at: juqeplays@gmail.com


's AvatarDreadPanther (January 19, 2013):

Again, very nice and clean.

's Avatarkutuaer (October 31, 2012):

wow amazing !

's AvatarSteamTexas (September 22, 2012):

fantastic addition

's Avatarcoalminer071 (September 12, 2012):

anyone got a white icon for asus audio center? thanks

's Avatarbarti673 (August 22, 2012):

Dunno, i actually started using rocketdock not so much time ago and i found this set very good but there were some icons missing for my personal needs so I created them. If the default icon is too hard to make look good, I use pen tool to get the shape. use 2 set of colors, #ffffff (yea the whitest white :D) and #979797 if i need to distungish the element from white. What's your email, skype, xfire or anything, BrightLights9452?

's AvatarBrightLights9452 (August 13, 2012):

Good job barti673. How do you get your icons so white? Mine have too much grey in them. I take the image, remove color saturation, increase brightness(as necessary), and then blend if grey, but yours look better. What is your method?

's Avatarbarti673 (July 28, 2012):

Hello guys!

Flight Simulator(+MD11 load manager, vroute and activesky(specialistic :)))
Trash (different for empty and full)
Alternative After Effects icon
User folder (with personalized username)
Have fun!

's AvatarRascalixe (July 19, 2012):

Can you make icons for Facebook and Google Plus please?