Drawn Transparent

Drawn Transparent
Submitted January 29, 2011 by dax_rider
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if you have a request just write me!
you can speed it up by adding a referrence picture in at least 200x200 px

comment, rate and suggest if you like to
srsly please rate!

The often requested skin bundle can be found here:
Download File! - More by dax_rider
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I'm 21 and somehow people think i would be good at drawing.
Actually i locked a monkey in my closet who does all the work
To draw, ink and finish one icon it takes me about an hour.
Of course i use a little Photoshop magic to correct errors and adjust contrast or enhance the geometrical form for the best possible result.

Also its summer and istead of icons i am currently working on sunburn, intoxication and the obligatory mess in my room

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's Avatardax_rider (July 25):

Hi everyone!
Sadly im not only short in time my motivation is virtually zero. People still reupload my work and put it on their own site to make money with it while I chose my work to be free of charge and ads.
It just crushes any incentive when you have to do additional work to earn your living while others abuse your non-profit work for their profit.

project is on hold until i find a way to earn money with myself without you folks having to pay for it.

's Avatarlish (February 13):

Hi! I don't know if you're still making icons or not but (as lame as it sounds) an icon for Spider Solitaire would be fantastic, as well as one for Scrivener and Notepad ++.

Thanks for the great icon pack! :D

's Avatarbolek (December 11, 2013):

hey, thanks for the nice icons ... but can you pls make for me some icons?

-Project Reality
-Battle.net Client

's Avatarjamescopq (October 3, 2013):


's Avatardax_rider (May 10, 2013):

Sorry guys i lost my password to this account and just fond it again. my motivation to make new stuff was quite low after i found out i would not be able to post the new icons.
so only a few updates will be there.

thanks for your support during my absence!

's AvatarzDarKRaiNz (February 24, 2013):

I love your work and i'm asking you if you could draw me a few icons.
--> Football Manager;
--> Arctic Combat;
--> Perfect World;
--> Power Iso;
--> Visual Basic;
--> Ashampoo;
--> RaidCall;
--> Avs Video Converter;

No rush, and thank you :D

's AvatarBighill (February 4, 2013):

greate nice picture

's Avatar_Xtiina_ (January 24, 2013):

Hey! Your icons are greate! But could you make for:

Vegas pro

Microsoft Office Word


Control panel


Media player classic



's AvatarDreadPanther (January 19, 2013):

The finished icons are very nice. Thank you for spending the time to make them.

's Avatarsghaier2013 (January 16, 2013):

we will see

's AvataronafirA (October 23, 2012):

Loving the design!

's Avatardax_rider (October 1, 2012):

Hi eveyone. I feel like taking a break from taking a break so I tryy to squeese you in in the next weeks. thanks for all your support!

The next icons might come in separate smaller bundles

's AvatarPgulevsky (September 25, 2012):

Can you made a game iconbundle pls?
Dead Space 1&2
World of Tanks
Sleeping Dogs
Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning
Warcraft 3

's Avatardavevu (September 17, 2012):

Hi, could you make an icon for Archicad? thanks a lot ;)

's AvatarBlackappleJacking (September 5, 2012):

Could you make a icon for Desura (http://imgur.com/mjfZx)
Much appreciated.

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