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Surcox icons

Surcox icons
Submitted May 17, 2010 by surajhawk
285 comments, 1221732 downloads
217 votes
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It was a random concept on which i started working. Had planned to make more icons but for now uploading only these 11 icons to see if people like it or not.

Its inspired from ' Tom Wilcox's ' Spin cycles.

List of icons:
Google Earth
My Computer
My Documents
(Nero,Google Chrome,Photoshop- original by BARKtothePEOPLE - http://tinyurl.com/27h4gpy)
Rainmeter(original by Deiz787- http://tinyurl.com/36bzkpl)

If i get good response I'll make more of these. If u got any requests then feel free to say!. I'll try my best to fullfill it.

Pls Vote and comments. It takes time and effort, and the only thing that get me going is votes and comments.

CHECK OUT THE SKIN I MADE: http://rocketdock.com/addon/skins/32732

Download File! - More by surajhawk
About the Author
surajhawk's Avatar


I am just regular Guy who has nothing to do but sit in front of this Screen.
I like to customize things. Maybe thats the reason Why i am here.
I like to keep my designs simple, Bold and Clean.

I love it when people vote, comment, rude comment, criticize, advise or request me.

So more Votes+Comments= More awesome uploads.

Please always go here to see my latest uploads:

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's Avatartanah645 (7 days ago):

nice i love it

's AvatarTiffKirk6878 (April 11):

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this set of icons for my dock...but I need more!!!!! can you come up with a few more? Pinterest, Facebook, GMail, YAHOO mail, and then just randoms to use for whatever else I come up with that needs a cool icon.

's Avatarsilmek (February 11):

that will looks nice! minecraft is an icon!

's AvatarBANHAMMERxXx (February 7):

Can you make some for minecraft tekkit launcher unity audacity and wizard101 plz

's Avatarchris dawn (February 5):

good software

's Avatarpauzzar (February 5):

niceeely done :)

's AvatarXumanki (January 29):

excelente =D gracias.

's Avatarrimmarel (January 16):

Damn it! +1

's Avatarboszkiewicz (December 29, 2014):

simple but perfect

's Avatarsourika (December 22, 2014):

thanks for this!

's Avatardrapier (December 2, 2014):

Amazing, just super!

's Avatarmorlindas (November 20, 2014):

this chrome icon looks soo amazing..

's Avatarducchinh011005 (November 18, 2014):

it's failed :( i can't download this file :(

's Avatarboszkiewicz (November 13, 2014):

very nice ikons :)

's Avatarspokosik (September 30, 2014):

chrome icon looks great :)

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